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Fortnite: All Tony Stark Challenges – Let's Go!

Fortnite iron man

The most popular avenger? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's Season 4 Battle Pass is all about Marvel. And each hero has been given their own set of Awakened Challenges, allowing you to unlock a unique emote. We'll show you what you need to do to unlock Iron Man's "Suit up" emote.

Congratulations! You've fought your way through the Battle Pass and now unlocked Tony Stark as a Tier 100 skin. Now it's time to complete the final challenges and get your Iron Man emote! To do so, you will need to complete the Tony Stark Awakened Challenges that will be unlocked with Battle Pass Tier 100.

But that's easier said than done. No hero can do it alone, so we've created a step-by-step guide to help you unlock Iron Man's emote.

Fortnite suit up emote

Suit Up Emote (Image Credit: Epic Games)

First: Reach 88 on the Speedometer in a Whiplash as Tony Stark!

The first task is quite simple. At least once you have found a whiplash car. If you don't remember exactly what it looks like. It's the flashy sports car that was introduced in Season 3. The one that looks like a Ferrari or something like that.

Fortnite Whiplash

A Fortnite Whiplash found in the wild! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

You can find this type of car most often in the larger towns, such as Retail Row, Sweaty Sands, Lazy Link, or Stark Industries. Just get into one while wearing the Iron Man skin and press the gas pedal until you reach a speed of 88. You will then be shown that you have completed the task. Don't forget to stay on the road, as grass can slow you down very quickly.

Use an Upgrade Bench as Tony Stark

Simply collect enough material to upgrade a weapon at an upgrade bench. There is one at almost every named POI and some at unnamed POIs too. Don't forget to wear the Iron Man skin here as well.

Tony stark aufrüstungsbank

Work it Tony! Upgrade those guns! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Use an Emote as Iron Man in the Tony Stark Workshop

In the last task, you have to go to the Tony Stark workshop and use the Suit Up emote. The Stark workshop is located on the west side of the main building, but be careful. There is a possibility that Iron Man and some Stark robots might be inside, and these are not to be underestimated in any way. Here is the exact place where the workshop is located:

Tony stark werkstatt

Tony Stark Workshop Location. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

When the coast is clear, go to the platform in the middle of the room, open your emote wheel and select the only emote available. Shortly thereafter, you too will transform from Tony Stark into Iron Man and gain the unique emote.

The Awakened Challenges of Storm and Doctor Doom can also be found in our Fortnite section. For everything else about gaming and esports, please visit EarlyGame.

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