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Fortnite 14.30 Patch Notes – New Boss & Creepily Beautiful Fortnitemares?

Mystique fortnite

Mystique in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Update 14.30 is coming! And that means we will get some changes to the game we all love. Among them probably new bosses, new weapons and an event we are all eagerly waiting for!

Fortnite is ripe for a new update, especially as Halloween is getting closer and closer - and you know what that means: Fortnitemares! Furthermore, we can expect new weapons, bosses, POIs, and more, even though nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Even though Epic generally no longer publishes detailed patch notes, we try to create an unofficial list of these patches with every single update. As soon as the data miners discover something new, you will find it on EarlyGame!

Patch 14.30 Release Date & Time

It has not yet been officially announced when Fortnite Patch 14.30 will be released. However, the day will probably fall on October 14th or 15th if the update is not released this week. We know that the patch has been placed on the staging server for the pre-release, which usually means that it is ready for use. However, patches are usually released on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, with Wednesday being the most common day for patches.

Downtime for Fortnite updates usually starts at 10:00 CEST, but you can expect a few hours before the patch is officially live.

Unofficial Patch Notes 14.30

All of the points mentioned above have not been officially confirmed yet and are mostly the result of leakers who searched for the files. However, most of them are correct, so we will list them here.

Marvel hero

(Image Credit: Epic Games)

Mystique as New Fortnite Boss

A leak in the game has shown that Mystique will have a mythical weapon that will be a Double Auto Pistol. These will look like a MAC10, but will have the shape of a pistol. So this would be a completely new weapon in the game. Mystique is said to be located at Mystique's base, where Deadpool's yacht used to be. The Double Pistol is said to do between 19 and 47 damage per hit.


Also, Fortnite's Halloween update is on its way to the test servers. Here we can experience scary challenges, Halloween skins and new bosses. Besides Midas as a boss, other NPCs with the name Ghostly Henchman were found in the files.

Helicarrier POI

The leakers have revealed something else very special in the files. The Helicarrier, on which the players currently still gather before each round, could become a POI in the game. It had already moved between Stark Industries and Retail Row and was supposed to stop over The Authority. There will also be henchmen and a boss on the ship. Maybe Midas and the Ghostly Henchman have set up here?

Fortnite 14.30 Patch Bug Fixes

These are taken from the official Fortnite Trello board, showing what Epic is working on in terms of bugs.

Battle Royale Bug Fixes

  • Opening the card and placing a marker stops the players in their movement
  • After the players have been resuscitated, the items can change positions in the inventory in the order in which they originally took them.

Creative Mode Bug Fixes

  • Grass bends through first floor structures built on islands with grass.
  • Some players do not receive items from a team-building and inventory device at the beginning of a round.

Save the World Bug Fixes

  • The pickaxe of the Daywalker's sword currently uses the 2-handed swing animation. This will be fixed in a future update.

These are all the leaks we have found so far in Fortnite Patch 14.30. So if all this information is correct, we can expect some exciting new features in Fortnite.

As soon as we know more, you will find out in our Fortnite section. Here you will also find more news like Fortnite Leak: Is Captain Marvel Coming to Fortnite? and Fortnite Season 4, Week 7 Challenges: On the XP, Ready, Go!

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