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Midas’ Masterplan is ready to unfold.

Fortnite 12.61 Patch preview, leaks, what to expect and more!

Fortnite Midas
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Epic Games confirms Fortnite Chapter 2's latest patch, 12.61, will be heading to live servers soon. Keep reading to get the EarlyGame in your Fortnite matches!

It's been a while since we've spoken about Fortnite and for a good reason. Things were seemingly quiet over at Epic Games, considering the postponement of the next season, however, slowly but steadily, changes are coming, especially to the Fortnite map.

On the patch notes, however, Fortnite is down for what we anticipate will be 2/3 hours (depending on the size of the update) before we get that glorious Patch 12.61.

What's new?

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The long-awaited Doomsday event will begin patch 12.61, starting on May 30th, and are we're excited to see what'll happen to Fortnite. We're anticipating that this Doomsday event will eventually end with the next season starting (hopefully), but we'll need to see how the event unfolds.

Epic Games will finally be addressing, and nerfing, the Fortnite aim assist. With the latest Fortnite event finished, which we've covered extensively already, we're assured the nerfs will be addressed this patch.

Doomsday destruction!

Fornite Midas
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With the Doomsday event arriving, a name like that can't come without any destruction right? Well, a Fortnite leaker has posted something rather interesting on Twitter. Should you not be worried about spoilers we've got you covered, but a fair warning to players who want to remain excited, these Tweets contain spoilers.


It should be noted that these are leaks, so we cannot confirm the validity of them. However, the account in question has been correct most of the time when discussing Fortnite updates and features. It seems like everything on the Fortnite map is on high-alert, just what exactly is Midas planning? It's got us excited, and one thing's for sure is that we're expecting very big things to be happening in the word for Fortnite on May 30th. The way this is planned seems like things will either end with a bang, or open with one for the next season!

Upcoming patch fixes

Doomsday event aside, what about general bug fixes? Well as ever, Epic Games doesn't do official patch notes but does have anofficial Trello board, so here are the potential bug fixes coming for patch 12.61:

General issues

  • Reports of server performance issues.
  • Emotes playing over Main Stage music in Party Royale.
  • 'Lock Input Method as Mouse' does not lock as intended.
  • Midas' Golden Tough does not make items gold.
  • Numbers not changing on sports-themed outfits.
  • Support-A-Creator dashboard display issue.
  • Windows 7 stability issue.

That just about does it for our patch preview. We highly expect the leaks and changes to be in patch 12.61 and we couldn't be happier to see Epic Games finally address the Fortnite aim assist. For everything else Fortnite, keep it here with EarlyGame.