Vepteh and mces xsqueezierr win last qualifier before Grand Final week

FNCS Week 4 EU Qualifier Review


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With the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 finals fast approaching, the last qualifier saw many new and familiar names make their way to the grand final. For Europe, Vepteh and xsqueezierr took the pole position for consoles and PC.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is the biggest competitive event for the Battle Royale for this season, with a grand total of $5,000,000 spread around the different regions and platforms. The event features four qualifying weeks, with the last being last weekend. With the European server often seen as the most competitive and boasting nearly a third of the entire prize pool, many were interested to see who would take the top spots in the last qualifier.

When the smoke cleared, the winners were Vepteh in the console tournament and MCES xsqueezierr on PC. Vepteh inched out IAmNoob x P90 for the first spot, winning by a single point - 60 to 59 - while three more players, Serenity Paddy, Castery and Swight fought a close fight for third place at 50,50 and 49 points each. On PCs, xsqueezier also ended up with 60 points. Despite not winning any of the rounds, his consistency was enough to give him a big lead over his next two competitors, Slender and Kami FN.

The winners of either weekly qualifiers get a $5,000 prize, with the second and third place worth $4,200 and $3,500 and all standings in the top 100 bringing progressively higher prizes. Mor importantly, however, they give access to the preliminary heats for the grand finals. The FNCS will reach its much-awaited finals week this weekend, after starting with several heats to bring the hopefuls down to 100 for the grand final each platform. The winners for either PC or consoles and mobile will be crowned the best player in the region for the season and will also earn a $80,000 cash prize.


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