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Fnatic Smash Origen in Clash of Rivals

League of Legends
Fnatic Vs Origen

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Two of the LEC’s most storied teams, Origen and Fnatic have both been very inconsistent this split. The last time they fought, Origen took the win - but this time, Fnatic was all business and OG had no answer.

There has been a long-standing rivalry between Fnatic and Origen and the two teams have given us many great matches - but this split, both of them have shown themselves to be vulnerable and before this match share a spot in the middle of the table with a 6-6 record. Early in the game, the teams traded kills with Origen getting First Blood in a top lane gank before losing one to the tower. Fnatic quickly replied, however, getting two kills off hooks by Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov’s Pyke. This unlocked Fnatic’s support and jungle to roam the map and Origen found no way to match this mounting pressure, falling over 3K gold behind at 15 minutes. Their deficit more than doubled over the next five minutes as Fnatic won fight after fight, eventually taking an infernal soul 22 minutes in. Origen were too far behind to win a straight fight and had to look for picks, but Fnatic did not give them many opportunities. It was all they could do to keep their base from falling, but eventually they had to contest the Elder drake.

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A long standoff eventually ended with Fnatic securing the objective and acing their opponents to end the game. This lets them tie the head-to-head with Origen for the split and stay in the top half of the table with just five more games to go. For Origen, this defeat marks a 0-2 week and a worrying trend, as the team dropped games to possible playoff rivals. With games against MAD Lions and a resurgent Schalke, OG may have their hands full.

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