All five maps were needed to crown Fnatic

Fnatic get revenge on mousesports to win ESL Pro League Season 11

Fnatic win esl pro league season11 short

Fnatic and mousesports exchanged titles at ESL Pro League's last two editions. (Image credit: Fnatic via Twitter)

Fnatic are the new (European) champions of ESL Pro League! The Swedish giants beat mousesports in five maps to win their first title of 2020, avenging their grand final loss to the same opponent in Season 10.

Uneven ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe final ends with Fnatic title

The grand final might have reached its full format but it was far from a viewing spectacle. All five maps were comfortably won by the victor which, when paired with the lack of live audience, turned the match into a dull experience.

Fnatic took the lead by clinching their first map choice of Overpass 16-11. A historic weak spot for mousesports, the map was only present in the grand final due to mouz’ ineptitude on Inferno, but Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s squad could not make the risk pay out and needed to grind on their own pick – Dust2.

Things went better than expected as mousesports ran away with it 16-7 and managed a first breakthrough on Vertigo. A 16-11 of their own allowed mouz to play for the title on Nuke. But oh boy, did that Nuke go off in all the wrong ways. Fnatic were way on the path of a 16-0 with only a 1v2 Chris “chrisJ” de Jong clutch in the 13th round denying them the pretzel.

Mirage finally looked like it could bring the best out of the contenders all at the same time but it only lasted for a half. A narrow 8-7 lead for the Swedes was followed by a chaotic second half and everybody knows that Fnatic are the kings of CS:GO chaos. Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson and Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin led the way on the final map, one Fnatic took with a half-buy to win 16-12 – a fitting conclusion to the map and the match as a whole. Chaos I tell ya!

Brollan was awarded the tournament MVP for his troubles – first medal for the 17-year-old prodigy!

You can remind yourself of how ESL Pro League Season 11 got to this point via our dedicated section.

You can also see how things turned out in North America here.

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