After four losses, the spring finalists are back in the game.

Fnatic break losing streak with key win vs SK Gaming

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For Fnatic, the win against SK was not just a key victory to keep up in the LEC race, but the end of an uncharacteristic losing streak.

It is strange for SK gaming to be the favorite against Fnatic in 2020, but the venerable German organization did come in this game as the better team, boasting a 4:3 record and wins against several favorites. Meanwhile, Fnatic had not managed to get a victory since week 1 and were no doubt desperate for a win.

The Fnatic veterans landed the first blow with two kills a bot-lane teamfight 6 minutes in. While the aftermath saw SK strike back and deny the drake, the German team stayed behind for most of the early game. Fnatic gave up the first 2 drakes but instead amassed a growing gold lead.

Video credit: Riot Games

Things turned against the veterans around the 20-minute mark as they split up to try to surround SK only to lose the ensuing fight and risk their opponents getting a mountain soul. However, Fnatic rallied and several minutes later, 3 kills in the mid-lane resulted in them taking the Baron, though they were not in time to prevent SK from getting the soul. Even then, it was Fnatic who pushed their opponents in, taking the first inhibitor and another inhibitor tower. The game had turned against SK and a fight near the elder Drake 2 minutes in saw Fnatic rout them and end the game.

This was a key win for the 7-time LEC champions who are now at 4:4 and took their first win since week 1. SK showed flashes of brilliance, but it was not enough to defeat an on-point Fnatic.

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