MVP pro Fleta knows exactly what he wants!

Did Fleta Just Spoil the New Overwatch MVP Skin?

Overwatch Echo

Will Echo get a new skin soon? (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Now that the Overwatch League MVP has been determined, the players are waiting to see which matching skin could be released next year. And we have a few pro leaks.

The Shanghai Dragons finished the regional season as first-place winners and also won two Monthly Tournaments. A strong and important reason for this is the Shanghai Dragons DPS Byung-sun "Fleta" Kim. He has been named MVP of the season and can now choose a new MVP skin.

In all the games this season, we can watch Fleta improving his skills while jumping between different roles to support his team in every situation.

What we all probably remember are his statements in August this year when he was still an MVP candidate. He announced in a Twitter interview which new MVP skin he would like to see and, interestingly enough, he mentioned the new Overwatch hero Echo.

Many say I am known for my flexibility and I have to agree with them. That's why Echo is the best choice for me, because it embodies this very flexibility.

Echo is special because her Ultimate consists of copying another hero for a short time and using his Ultimate at an increased speed. As incredibly strong as this ability is, it requires a certain basic understanding of the other heroes.

Furthermore he already promised in August:

"I hope I can get my fans a special Echo Skin."


MVP 2020 (Image Credit: Shanghai Dragons)

He has definitely kept this promise. As the MVP he now wants to work with Blizzard to bring us a new Echo Skin.

When this will happen and what will this skin look like, you will be the first to know! What do you think about it? Which MVP skin would you like to see? Share it with us on Facebook!

For more info, take a closer look at Earlygame. And if you prefer videos, our Youtube channel is the best place to go.

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