With no Dignitas to be seen

Flashpoint Season 1 entering playoff stage

Dignitas eliminated flashpoint

The Flashpoint Season 1 playoffs will go on without Dignitas. (Image credit: Dignitas via Twitter)

The end of Flashpoint Season 1 phase two means two things: we have the first portion of eliminated teams and we are now moving on to the much more exciting playoff stage of the season.

Dignitas fail in first big event

The conclusion of Flashpoint Season 1 Phase 2 came with disappointment for four teams who were eliminated from playoff contention. Dignitas were among those who failed miserably in the groups. The veterans proved that being good in 2013 does not mean much in 2020 and managed only a couple of wins in the groups.

Copenhagen Flames are the only team that couldn’t put anything to the win column, losing all four games and finishing at the bottom of the standings. The other two squads that we won’t be seeing in the playoffs are c0ntact Gaming and Team Envy. Envy could use the excuse of fielding a stand-in for the first phase, but this would undoubtedly go down as a major blow for c0ntact’s ambitions of establishing themselves as a contending roster.

The Flashpoint Season 1 table looks like this at the end of the group stage:

  1. MAD Lions
  2. Made in Brazil
  3. HAVU
  4. Cloud9
  5. Gen.G Esports
  6. Chaos Esports Club
  7. Orgless
  8. FunPlus Phoenix
  9. c0ntact Gaming
  10. Dignitas
  11. Team Envy
  12. Copenhagen Flames

The playoff seedings mean that we are going to have the following matchups in the quarterfinals:

  • MAD Lions – FunPlus Phoenix
  • Made in Brazil – Orgless
  • HAVU – Chaos Esports Club
  • Cloud9 – Gen.G Esports

MAD Lions, who played in the first-ever Flashpoint match back in phase one, will also play in the first-ever Flashpoint playoff game. They take on FPX later today with Gen.G and Cloud9 set to join the server right after. The tournament final is scheduled for April 19.

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