BIG Clan face early struggles

FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier kicks off

Havu flashpoint global qualifier short

HAVU were not even supposed to play at the FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier, now they might win it. (Image credit: HAVU via Twitter)

The first day of play at the FLASHPOINT Season 1 Global Qualifier gave us some interesting fixtures and the first pair of semifinalists.

HAVU, Orgless win FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier groups

HAVU, who were called up for the qualifier in the last moment to replace SKADE, made the most of the opportunity present. The Finnish squad triumphed in a battle for the ages against Chaos. Four overtimes were necessary for this match to finally unfold in a 28-26 HAVU victory.

Copenhagen Flames played less than half the number of rounds to secure their own pass into the Group B winners’ clash. An easy 16-7 over Redemption POA could not be followed with a similar result though, as HAVU overcame a disastrous first map to win the Bo3 2-1 and advance to the semifinals.

BIG Clan disappointed their fans with a slow start to their Group A campaign. The Germans were far from what was expected of them in their opening game and deservedly lost to DETONA Gaming 16-11 on Dust II. The favorites will need to find their groove fast or they might be out of FLASHPOINT by this time tomorrow.

The other Bo1 in Group A presented a rare sight. AVEZ were knocking on the door of victory, being up 14-11 on the CT side of Nuke, but somehow managed to drop every single round for the remainder of the game vs. Orgless.

Pujan “FNS” Mehta’s boys, uplifted by this unexpected turn of events, pushed on through in the Bo3 and got the important win with a clean 2-0 against DETONA. This way Orgless join HAVU in the semifinals while DETONA remain in the Group A grinder.

The FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier schedule will continue with the elimination games – BIG vs. AVEZ and Chaos vs. Redemption POA.

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