We're saying goodbye to the Bundesliga with a Showdown

First FIFA 20 Summer Heat Showdown is set

Summer heat showdown bundesliga

You can try to pick the winner or you can do both SBCs. It is up to you. (Image credit: EA Sports via Twitter)

The first FIFA 20 Summer Heat Showdown matchup is all set. EA Sports take us to a weekend Bundesliga clash with SBCs for Moussa Diaby and Jean-Paul Boëtius.

First and final Summer Heat Bundesliga Showdown

The Bundesliga is approaching its final round of matches this week, so EA Sports showed some foresight to award the first Showdown SBCs to a pair of Bundesliga representatives. The chosen match is that between Bayer Leverkusen and Mainz 05, with Moussa Diaby and Jean-Paul Boëtius representing their teams in the form of FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Building Challenges.

The Bayer left midfielder and the Mainz attacking midfielder come with equal overall ratings – 92, and relatively equal SBC price – around 90,000 coins. The key here is to pick the player whose team you are expecting to take the three points on Saturday because that would give the winning team’s player a +3 OVR boost to his SBC card. In case of a draw, both cards will get +1, just like their teams would split the points in the match.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are forced into a pick or any sort of bet. While picking the winning card correctly is obviously better than taking the loser, you could still, you know, do both SBCs instead and acquire Diaby and Boëtius. Those are win-win odds if I’ve ever seen any. The expiry date of these SBCs is, well, Saturday, when the Bayer – Mainz game is bound to take place.

The Summer Heat Showdown is part of the Summer Heat cycle EA Sports announced last week and would go on until the end of the season in all the major leagues. As the Bundesliga is coming to a close this week and the French League 1 did not make a return post-coronavirus, we could expect a Premier Division, La Liga or Serie A pairing for next week’s matchup.

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