Bye-bye, blue guy!

Fires of Invention and Agent of Treachery banned!

Agent of treachery fires of onvention banned

This guy won't be stealing your permanents anymore. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast.)

Two of the most popular cards right now - Fires of Invention and Agent of Treachery have been banned in Standard and limited in Historic.

In Monday's big patch the ban hammer fell, and it felt hard. The two offenders are some of the most popular cards in the format and key pieces to many decks.

Very recently, we were telling you how Keruga Jeskai Fires is the most popular deck in MTGA by far. And Wizards of the Coast must have noted this because the key combo piece is now forbidden.

Another all-star, the Agent of Treachery has been making appearances in Tier 1 decks such as Jeskai Lukka and Bant Ramp. All he’ll be stealing from now on is space in your collection.

Every time a big banning like this happens - especially in standard - there are many players who are unhappy. After all, these are great cards that people worked hard to acquire and enjoyed consistent ladder performance with their respective decks.

However, a little too much consistency can cause great frustration in those of us who try to play… y’know, other decks. With the Fires out of the way, new archetypes will have room to breathe and thrive.

Looking for a nice deck to replace your old Jeskai or Fires? Keep reading EarlyGame for MTGA news, hints, and deck techs!

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