The final day of the EPL became that much more interesting

Final Summer Heat Showdown? EPL Survival Battle!

Summer Heat Showdown Masuaku vs Trezeguet

Summer Heat Showdown will be going out on a dramatic high if it is indeed the last one. (Image credit: EA Sports via Twitter)

By the time one Summer Heat Showdown is over, another begins! The English Premier League is coming to its natural conclusion and while the title has long been decided, the struggle for survival is very much real. West Ham United and Aston Villa go head to head in a clash that might decide their long-term fate. For FIFA 20 players, this is just a solid opportunity to get a nice FUT card.

Juventus' win over Lazio gave Danilo the better Summer Heat Showdown card last time around. Now we're headed to the less glamorous, more gritty side of football - the lower end of the EPL table.

Summer Heat Showdown: Masuaku vs Trezeguet

In the 38th and final matchday of the English Premier League, West Ham United will play Aston Villa on which might be a direct battle for survival. Aston Villa will need to win their game in hand vs. Arsenal first for that to become reality, but we've seen crazier things happen before.

EA Sports are using the potentially massive occasion to give us one last dramatic Summer Heat Showdown. They are sticking to the left side of the field with West Ham left back Arthur Masuaku and Aston Villa's left winger Trezeguet.

As usual, the starting point is 92 OVR and the winner will get a +3 boost. In case of a draw, both get a point each. Villa surely won't be glad if that is the case.

These SBCs are worth their buck. That is, if you believe in your game knowledge and, let's face it - your luck. A 95-rated card is always going to be usable in any FUT squad, and even a 92 isn't anything to sneeze at. Furthermore, this might very well be the final Summer Heat Showdown of the season, which is just another reason to get personally involved in the EPL relegation battle.

The cost for Masuaku is particular is laughably low - 70,000 coins. Trezeguet, being an attacker, costs almost twice that at 130,000. So there's another mini-game here - do you go for the attacker and hope for a Villa miracle or go a bit safer with West Ham's defender? Decisions, decisions...

The Summer Heat Showdown SBCs expire on the date of the match - July 26. Plenty of time and not enough time at the same time.

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