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Liverpool's man isn't afraid of using gold cards

Trent Alexander-Arnold's FIFA 21 FUT Squad: A Mix of Glitter and Solid Wood

FIFA 21 Trent Alexander-Arnold FUT Squad
Trent Alexander-Arnold mixes the expensive with the downright pragmatic. (Credit: EA Sports)

There are plenty of footballers that are keen FIFA players. One of the most outspoken on his love for the game is Liverpool full back Trent Alexander-Arnold. The English international's FUT squad was located and uploaded on Reddit for all to see. As one expects, it's full of stars.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a competitive lad, so no one is surprised at his FIFA 21 FUT squad being filled up with beasts. However, like Erling Haaland, Phil Foden and Thibaut Courtois before him, Trent does make a few questionable choices.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Playing Smart in FIFA 21 FUT

Keep in mind that these "questionable" choices are a product of who's team this is, not that they are actually bad. For example, Trent Alexander-Arnold's team includes four gold cards. Three of those - his teammates Alisson and Virgil van Dijk, as well as Ferland Mendy, are among the best normies in the game. Even Kyle Walker at right back isn't half-bad. If it were a regular FUT squad, this would be an amazing defensive lineup.

FIFA 21 Trent Alexander-Arnold FUT squad
Trent Alexander-Arnold lines up his FUT squad in an unorthodox way. (Credit: MojetskiNoah via Reddit)

You'd expect more in the vein of Icons Ronaldo and Ruud Gullit from a professional footballer's team and to his credit, Trent does put more coins into his midfield and attack. There are no more gold cards as the two Icons are supplemented by the TOTY versions of Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé. By far, the most peculiar part of the right back's lineup is his decision to use a partnership of himself and Mbappé in front of the defense. Must be some mastermind tactic that one.

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