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Top 5 Most Badass FIFA 21 Kits


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Some say we mustn’t judge anything simply based on looks. Those people have not played a FIFA game in their life. If they had, they would know that dressing your little virtual players with a beautiful pair of shorts and shirts can make a world of difference. Ok, it can’t do that actually, because you’ll still get your ass whooped if you’re a scrub, but at least you’ll look good while getting spanked.

When it comes down to designs - be it kits, clothes, furniture, or lamp poles, everything is so subjective that you can get ten different top 5s from ten different people. This is our FIFA 21 kits top 5 though, so you, dear viewer, more or less have to uhm... deal with it.

Even then, we feel like you needn’t worry. Turns out our taste for kits is quite diverse and unless you’re one very special snowflake, you’ll probably find at least one kit that’s to your liking. If you like black, you’ll find more than one.

Prepare yourself for some serious FIFA 21 kit badassery in our top 5. You can always, you know, not deal with it and comment your own personal top 5 in the comments. We’re open for discussion!


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