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He'd rather use the TOTW version

Thibaut Courtois Says His FIFA 21 Pro Player Card Is Rubbish

Thibaut Courtois FIFA 21 Pro Player
Thibaut Courtois doesn't care about numbers. (Credit: EA Sports)

As 99 is the maximum rating in FIFA 21, you would imagine that everyone would be glad to have one of those. Not Thibaut Courtois. The goalkeeper is not satisfied with his own Pro Player card and would rather use an In-Form version of himself instead.

Many footballers are keen on playing FIFA 21 and most of them, such as Erling Haaland and Phil Foden, use their own Pro Player cards in FUT. Those are always rated 99 and are gifted to footballers by EA Sports. Thibaut Courtois is not happy with his own Pro Player version and has let EA Sports know that.

Thibaut Courtois Doesn't Use His FIFA 21 Pro Player Card

You can meet all types of characters in the FUT Weekend League: teams that come from rags or riches. It is always a special highlight when you meet an actual footballer. They are usually easy to recognize thanks to the turquoise Pro Player card, always rated 99. You wouldn't recognize Thibaut Courtois' FUT squad, however, because he doesn't use his own Pro Player card.

The world-class goalkeeper opened up about FIFA 21 in a non-football setting. He expressed displeasure with the Pro Player card in a conversation with FIFA streamer Peter "Pieface" Shepherd at the F1 Virtual Grand Prix:

I use my Team of the Week card. The 99 card is rubbish. Instead of making it better, they just put 99 on it. It feels more like 59.

Thibaut Courtois appears to know his FIFA and doesn't fall for empty numbers. It is a pity that he can't enjoy the 99 OVR celebration of his talents, but TOTW Courtois, rated 90, is still among the best at his position in FUT. Thibaut is not working with scraps for sure.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.