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The Best Super Subs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team


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Building a FIFA Ultimate Team squad is one of the biggest charms the FIFA series has on offer. The feeling of making something out of nothing - well, out of limited resources anyway - is like no other. Some people build houses, others financial empires, but for our intents and purposes, a FUT roster will do.

They say a team is as strong as its weakest link. A FUT squad’s weakest links are usually sat on the bench, watching as those worthy of a starting spot are struggling to put the ball in the opposing net. That’s when that bench player’s time approaches. That’s when he can go in and change a game. That’s when the spotlight is all on him...

Then you remember that your bench is comprised of 65 OVR Bolton Wanderers players. That’s it, you must live and die by your starters. Or do you? Not if you take our kind suggestions to heart and fill those substitute slots with some real muscle.

Sure, it will take a few coins, but you will be thankful eventually, when that skillful winger bends one in the top corner in stoppage time or that defender makes a crucial tackle to deny the enemy attack a late equalizer.

Prepare yourself to become a Wallstreet resident because the value for money you’re about to get out of these players will put those brokers to shame.

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