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Diogo Jota temporarily in first place in the rankings

Soccer Professional Dominates FUT Champions Weekend League

Liverpool FC fans celebrate in FIFA 21: Diogo Jota dominates FUT Champions Weekend League
Reason to celebrate for the Reds: At least in FIFA 21 things are going well for Liverpool. (Credit: EA Sports)

What do Erling Haaland, Thibaut Courtois, and Diogo Jota have in common? They are all professional footballers and play for some of the best clubs in the world. They're also passionate about FIFA 21. Liverpool FC's Jota is really good and briefly secured first place in the Weekend League.

The FUT teams of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Thibaut Courtois look extremely strong. When it comes to FIFA 21 it's not clear how good the players are. Winger Diogo Jota from Liverpool FC, who briefly finished in first place in the FUT Champions Weekend League last weekend, is a completely different story.

Diogo Jota Dominates Weekend League

The FUT Champions Weekend League is the game mode every FIFA gamer is looking forward to. Every weekend, you must prove yourself in a maximum of 30 matches to win the rewards on the following Thursday.

However, winning all 30 games is not that easy - especially when the servers are once again throwing a spanner in the works. While mega-talent Anders Vejrgang is racing from one record to the next, Diogo Jota also secured a triumph and ranked first in the Weekend League. In the end, Jota finished FUT Champions in 10th place because other players produced a higher skill rating.

Diogo Jota's Team

Diogo Jota, who joined Liverpool FC from Wolverhampton Wanderers at the start of the season, is fielding an extremely strong team, which he shared with the world via his Esports organization on Twitter.

Included in it: his 99 Pro Player card, which, unlike Thibaut Courtois, is actually used. Otherwise, the Portuguese relies on the central defender duo that most FIFA professionals also use: RTTF Raphael Varane and TOTW Kyle Walker, supplemented by headliners Tavernier and Ferland Mendy, whose 83 Gold card is still completely OP.

However, Diogo Jota doesn't field any Liverpool FC teammates, but he does use the best duo FIFA 21 has to offer in the midfield center: the two middle icons Patrick Vieira and Ruud Gullit (okay, the Prime variants are even better). Presumably, Jota's 99 card will run up front next to Ronaldo, while Kylian Mbappé and Mid-Eusebio will occupy the flanks.

The FUT 21 team of Diogo Jota
With this team Diogo Jota ended up in 1st place in the Weekend League. (Credit: DiogoJota Esports via Twitter)

Already in FIFA 20 Diogo Jota could celebrate some successes in the Weekend League as he explained at the time in an interview with TheAthletic how playing Football Manager and FIFA made him a better footballer.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.