The Meta Wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

In Ultimate Team, of course, you only want the best players on your team. That's why we're showing you the best wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Best Winger Meta OP Mohamed Mo Salah
Chicken Tikka Mo Salah. | © EA Sports/Earlygame

In the end, only one single player decides the match in football – and usually with a goal. If your offense doesn't work, you shouldn't even start the game. To make sure you don't have to worry about your strikers and can rely on their skills, we've picked some of the best strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Since you probably won't be the richest guy in Ultimate Team right now, we have covered different price ranges. Here we go!

Even if only a few can afford them, we don't want to ignore the legendary icons. So if you have too many coins, you can take a look at Ronaldinho. When I see his stats, I get flashbacks to my childhood. 92 pace, 90 shots and 95 dribbling – just insane! Ronaldinho is the synonym for a real legend. But the Brazilian also costs a few millions.

The Best Wingers in Ultimate Team

The next player won't be any less expensive. With Mohamed Salah, you get one of the best players in the world into your team. Although the Egyptian's rating went down to an 89, his stats are still really impressive. The meta crown belongs to players like Kylian Mbappé or Lionel Messi, but the Liverpool star is easily one of the best in the game. You can get Salah for around 360k. In a Premier League build, the Egyptian definitely has to appear in the starting XI. Just look at his stats:

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Bester Flügel Mohamed Salah Meta OP
Mo Salah is on his rise. | © Futbin

If you are not a millionaire in Ultimate Team by now (loser), we can show you a great – and above all cheap – alternative! With Raheem Sterling, the tragic hero of the last few years is part of our meta ranking as well. The Englishman could have decided the most important matches of Manchester City in the last few seasons... but in the end, there was only heartbreak. Whether against Tottenham 2019 or Lyon 2020, Sterling was always in the spotlight. For only 55k, you can secure his services and give him another chance.

In the lowest price category, with Federico Chiesa, we have a newly crowned European champion in the ranking. The future belongs to the Italian winger from Juventus. In FIFA Ultimate Team, Chiesa only costs around 9k, which is a fancy price for his 91 pace and a strong finish (81 shooting). In my Serie A-Only build, Juve's jewel is one of the sparkling stars in my starting XI.

And that's it! That was a quick rundown of the strikers you should look at in your FUT career. What does your OP team look like? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!