The Meta Goalkeepers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The Meta Goalkeepers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

In Ultimate Team, of course, you only want the best players on your team. That's why we're showing you the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!
FIFA 22 Meta Goalkeepers Ultimate Team
Who's gonna make it into your squad? | © EA Sports

Goals decide matches – so you need someone at the back to scratch the ball off the line in every game. To make sure you don't concede goal after goal, we've picked some of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Since you are probably not the richest player in the game right now, we have covered different price ranges. Here we go!

Even if only a few can afford just one of them, we don't want to ignore the legendary icons in this rating. So, if you have way too many coins on your edge, you should take a look at goalkeeping legend Lev Yashin. The Russian European champion from 1960 has the craziest stats you can imagine for a goalkeeper. Yashin is sure to be found in the top price range... but we cannot tell you an exact price, his Icon is currently not available on the transfer market.

The Best Goalkeeper in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The next goalkeepers are nowhere near the prices of the Icons. With Gianluigi Donnarumma you could get a European champion for your team. He's not the best goalkeeper in the game, but you have to pay the most for the Italian. You have to pay a total of around 60k for Donnarumma. But in the end, you'll get a really good goalkeeper. Check out his stats:

Donnarumma FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Best Goalkeeper Meta OP
If you look at these stats, the Italian is even an alternative for your offense. | © Futbin

If you want to focus less on glamour and more on quality, you should take a look at our next goalie. Because this guy is the meta. With other words – he is simply the goalkeeper with the highest rating. Jan Oblak is the hero you were searching for. If you have 30k coins just lying around, you'd better invest them in the best goalkeeper in the game... and probably of the world.

But even if you are completely broke, you can still get a great goalkeeper for little money! With Samir Handanovic, you get an 86 goalkeeper with solid stats... for a ridiculous 5k. Other goalkeepers have much better diving or handling stats, but so far his gold card has really hit the mark. Especially since the goalkeepers are still buggy and also immortal, you actually only need a goalkeeper with an 80+ rating.

And that's it! That was a quick rundown of the goalkeepers you should look at in your FUT career. What does your OP team look like?

You want a just-one-league-build? We got you covered:

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