The Ligue 1 Top Team in FIFA 22

Lionel Messi FIFA 22 PSG Ligue 1 Best Team FUT
Are there even any other players in Ligue 1? | © EA Sports & Stern

EA released another squad! Today, we'll show you the official ratings of the Ligue 1 top team in FIFA 22. Who are the best players in France? Let's find out!

We expected that Ligue 1 would be left out of the top ratings, actually. What is the point of having a top team with players of only... one team? But EA has come up with something special! Instead of the top players from the whole league, the best players from each club were added – as long as they somehow crawl over an 80 OVR. So you can already imagine... The squad is disgusting.

The best Ligue 1-Team in FIFA 22

You can make fun of Serie A for being an oldies-league with no superstars. You can laugh at La Liga because they are far from any sexiness without Messi and Ronaldo. But... this? Even if you have to applaud EA for giving other clubs a chance, we have to ask ourselves: What are we supposed to do with that? What's the deal? EA created a monster.

Ligue 1 FIFA 22 Best Team FUT
What are you doing here, Fonte? | © EA Sports

In this huge pile of wonderful players, you should especially look out for Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi. Both of them have a lot of pace that will make the difference in FIFA 22 once more. José Fonte on the other hand... Actually, we don't know why he's in the squad at all. 32 pace – I should be in there!

Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos are obviously on the better side of the team. Monaco striker Ben Yedder could also be interesting. The Frenchman has compact stats and could be a reasonable alternative for your start in FIFA Ultimate Team.

But EA can't hide the bitter truth: PSG are just too strong. In fact, the 11 best Ligue 1 players are all property of PSG – including two goalkeepers! If you want to get an overview of the PSG ratings in FIFA 22, you should definitely check out this article!

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