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This central defender has decided

Laporte Is Now Spanish: Could His Nation Change in FUT?

Aymeric Laporte is now Spanish
What could Aymeric Laporte switching nations mean for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? (Credit: EA Sports)

FIFA Ultimate Team players, watch out! Aymeric Laporte will play for the Spanish national team in the future. Will EA change his nation in FIFA 21, and shatter your chemistry?

Believe it or not, Aymeric Laporte is yet to play a single competitive game for the French national team. That's why the French-born central defender with Spanish roots is eligible to play for another nation. The 26-year-old Manchester City player could travel with Spain to the European Championship this summer.

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Of course, this can also have consequences for your Ultimate Team. Imagine that Laporte loses his optimal linking, and your chemistry plummets. You should avoid that at all costs!

It's not the first time that a player changes his nation during the current (FIFA) season. In FIFA 14, Diego Costa changed from a Brazilian to a Spaniard. Geoffrey Kondogbia got a new card after he decided to play for the Central African Republic, instead of France. While Costa's decision didn't break many FUT hearts, Kondogbia was practically unusable after the switch.

Will Laporte Get a New Nation in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Unfortunately, we don't think that it is likely that Laporte will get a new Nation in FUT. A possible CB link with Sergio Ramos or the brand new Flashback Gerard Piqué would be nice, very nice, but we don't see it happening.

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Costa and Kondogbia announced their change of nation before the winter break, which allowed for EA to implement that with the Winter Refresh update. This is not the case with Laporte. With so little time left in the season, FUT managers who count on Laporte's French connection should feel safe.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Scherbaum.