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The footballer that keeps on giving

54-Year Old Kazuyoshi Miura Will Be Back in FIFA 22

Kazuyoshi Miura in FIFA 21
Kazuyoshi Miura's pace will continue to strike fear into defenses once FIFA 22 is out. (Credit: Cyberball via YouTube)

Fans of old, slow, non-playable FIFA forwards rejoice! Kazuyoshi Miura will be back for FIFA 22! The 53-year old forward has re-signed with his club Yokohama FC for one more year, which will see him compete at the remarkable age of 54! This means, of course, that he will feature in FIFA 22.

Kazuyoshi Miura is already a legend of longevity. The Japanese forward is defying the standards for an athletic career by being an active professional footballer at the age of 53. Granted, he has played just 30 games in the last four seasons, but if there are 50+ year-olds that have played more than that, may they raise their hands.

The fact he made it long enough for his team Yokohama FC to win promotion into the Japanese top-tier last year won the man a new record - oldest active player to appear in a FIFA game. After this week, he's guaranteed to break his own record.

Kazuyoshi Miura Signs New Deal, Will Feature in FIFA 22

The veteran of all veterans and Yokohama FC proudly announced that the team captain has signed a new one-year contract with the club. This means that Miura, who turns 54 next month, will set a new record for oldest active player in FIFA and most likely - a new record of oldest player to appear in the J1 League.

We say most likely because Miura played in only four league games this past season and made three appearances the season before. It's almost a guarantee that he will enter the pitch at least one time to set the bar even higher on oldest appearance maker. Yet, it's another record that Kazuyoshi Miura is after.

Despite being almost thirteen years his senior at the time the record was set, Miura is yet to break Zico's accomplishment of oldest goalscorer in the J1 League. The Brazilian legend did that at 41 years, 3 months and 12 days in 1994. Even if you suck at math, like me, it's not hard to see that a goal by Miura at any point this season would be a new record - one unlikely to ever be broken.

A small miracle would have to occur for that to happen though. Miura hasn't been very productive for Yokohama FC and has 14 league goals for the team since 2008, none the last three seasons. So while it would be a nice story, don't throw too much money on that bet.

None of that stops you from achieving Kazuyoshi Miura's dream. Take the slow as snail forward and bag a goal in FIFA 22 when the game comes out... if you can.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.