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The German club is joining the family

Kaiserslautern Announce Intention to Join FIFA Esports

Kaiserslautern FIFA 21 Esports
Kaiserslautern are progressing into the future. (Credit: Kaiserslautern)

Another football club is entering esports. Traditional German club Kaiserslautern announced that it will enter the virtual football pitch from April 2021. The Red Devils are not relying on well-known names, but want to promote young talent.

Four-time German champions Kaiserslautern announced their entry into esports on their own homepage. The Red Devils will not be experimenting with various games. For the time being, the club will only concentrate on FIFA 21.

Kaiserslautern Enter FIFA Esports

Thanks to the growing interest in esports, it is now common practice for many football clubs around the world to have their own esports team. The latest of those is German club Kaiserslautern.

FCK will begin their esports journey where they know best - the football pitch. The virtual version of football - FIFA 21, is the natural choice for the club.

Instead of going for established players, Kaiserslautern are looking for young talents to impress their FIFA scouts. According to the player search add, candidates must be good on and off the pitch and "identify with FC Kaiserslautern and what the club stands for".

There will be a selection process in the coming weeks that should fill FCK's FIFA 21 ranks by the end of March as the club's plans is to officially start playing FIFA 21 matches in April.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.