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It's an easy to solve FUT SBC

How to Get the Olympique Lyon 4th Kit in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Olympique Lyon 4th Kit SBC Solution
This bad boy could be yours for a small slice of coins. (Credit: EA Sports/Olympique Lyon)

There is a new FIFA 21 SBC! The 4th kit of Olympique Lyon is now available as a Squad Building Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team. We have the cheapest solution to get this item.

It's a nice change from the normal SBCs. Olympique Lyon's 4th kit is now available in FUT. Lyon's fans were able to vote on which jersey should be available as an SBC. They chose a mix of the dominant club colors, which looks damn good, not gonna lie. We have the cheapest solution for the Lyon kit SBC.

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Is the Lyon 4th Kit SBC Worth It in FIFA 21?

The Lyon 4th kit SBC is definitely worth it, even though it costs 9,000 coins. Such a cool jersey is well worth a little bit of coins. These don't come around every day, so now's the time to make yourself look like a badass on the field.

FIFA 21 Olympique Lyon 4th Kit SBC Cheapest Solution

Since you only get one item, you don't have to spend a lot of effort to get that item. You need to trade the following squad for the Lyon kit:

  • Min. one Olympique Lyon player, all cards must be gold, min. 30 chemistry
FIFA 21 Olympique Lyon 4th Kit SBC Team
You can use your fodder for this SBC and end up with a cool kit. (Credit: FUTBIN)

And bang! You have one of the coolest kits in FIFA 21 for your team. If you just started with FUT, then you should invest your coins in players. But if you have 9,000 coins lying around unused, you can treat yourself with this special jersey.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Jonas Sohns.