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How to get FREE FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Reward Packs

Prime Gaming free FIFA 21 reward packs
Prime Gaming: Supporting broke gamers since 2020. (Credit: EA Sports / Prime Gaming)

Prime Gaming is on one these days and giving away free goodies: For FIFA 21 you can now claim free reward packs. We repeat: Free. As in: Even the brokest of the brokest can finally afford something in FIFA 21. We got the how-to for you, boo.

Alright, these Prime Gaming drops are so hot, that Prime Gaming is actually crashing. If the website of a billion dollar website is crashing, you know something good is happening.

How do I get the free FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Rewards?

Easy. You need to be a Prime Gaming member and follow these steps:

  • Connect your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account on their website
  • Connect your EA account to the Twitch account
  • Click on the Twitch Prime crown symbol on the right side of the page
  • Claim the rewards
  • Load up FIFA 21 and select ‘Store’ on FUT
  • Click ‘My Packs’ and claim your packs

Now, hear us out before screaming "Well that ain't free tho!"

There's this little loophole called free 30 day trial subscription. Sign your broke a** up, and you too can enjoy the free rewards of the wealthy life. To combat poverty, EA and Prime Gaming put a tricky system in place though: They're handing out FIFA 21 reward packs for several months.

If you're maths is quick, you'll realize that several months = more than 30 days. So either you cough up the Prime Gaming subscription money or you go the shameless route of multiple email accounts... you didn't hear it from us though.

FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Reward Packs
So much free stuff. (Credit: EA Sports/Twitch)

What's in the FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Reward Packs?

You get untradeable items. More precisely, you get one 81+ OVR player and four rare gold players. Mind you: These drops get better throughout the season. If last year is any indicator, then we can expect 83+ OVR by August.

You should also know that FIFA TOTY player items are also available for a limited time (now you know why the website was down). Don't get all excited though: The chances of getting a 98 Ronaldo or Lewandowski are probably about as high as some socialite becoming the President of the United States.


Are the packs worth a Prime Gaming subscription? Well... we can't answer everything for you, but it's worth noting that Prime Gaming is included in any Amazon Prime membership and you get more than just FIFA 21 rewards:

The chances are slim, since this is a FIFA article and y'all don't associate with the nerdy LoL crowd, but... if you're a League of Legends player, you can grab free LoL content from Prime Gaming. Even GTA & Red Dead Online and many other games are included, so true gaming connoisseurs definitely get their money's worth here.

(P.S.: don't forget the 30-day free trial)


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