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Become rich in FIFA 21

Make It Rain: Ways to Earn Coins in FIFA 21

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Alongside gameplay, building your team is one of the most fun parts of every new FIFA game. However, in order to build your dream team, you will need FUT coins. But how to get enough coins to build a great team?

There are several ways to earn coins if FIFA 21 and we will go through each one of them. Keep reading and find out how to earn coins faster than other players.

Squad Building Challenges

SBCs may seem difficult but trust us, that's not the case. After completing Basic and Advanced SBCs, you will have at least 100K coins of pure profit. Don't make the mistake of trying to solve it on your own. You will always need some players that do not exist or cost a fortune.

Instead, find the cheapest SBC solution online and just follow the instructions. That will save you a lot of coins and time. Don't work hard, work smart. And one more thing, do not buy packs. It is a pure gamble, nothing more. It is extremely uncommon to get something good out of packs and we all know it. Use your coins to buy players for your team or invest them to resell players later.

Play Squad Battles

We all just want to play online Division Rivals and Weekend Leagues. No one likes to play against CPU. It is relatively boring and monotonous. We know it is obvious but you just have to play Squad Battles – it is just really easy to earn coins that way.

Start on low difficulty and slowly increase it when you see the opponent is just too weak for you. After you learn how the CPU defends, you won't have any problems defeating it even on World Class. Squad Battles will give you great rewards and the coins will just flow into your account. Play at least a few Squad Battle matches per week to get some free packs out of it.

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SBC Predictions

All of you probably have social media accounts. Follow some FIFA 21 pages and wait for their predictions. A lot of players usually predict future SBCs correctly. If there is a matchup in the Champions League or a derby coming soon, there would probably be an SBC that requests players from those teams.

Buy as many players as you can before SBCs come out and sell them later for a higher price. You can usually get players for 700 coins and sell each one of them for 4-5K.

Resell Players

Just like you can resell players from SBC predictions, you can also resell other players that are just rare. Try to find rare players on RB and RL. The most uncommon ones usually play on those two positions and they can be pretty expensive.

If you see that there are only a few players listed on a market at a low cost, buy them all and ramp up their price (any stock market enthusiasts out there?). Just look through the market and you will always find some players that you can profit from later.

Also, if you packed a good in-form, don't sell him right away. Save your packed in-forms and sell them just before the weekend league because somebody will need to complete their team and they will pay more.

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