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How to Claim the FIFA 21 Twitch Prime 2 FUT Pack

FIFA 21 Twitch Prime Pack 2
The second Twitch Prime FUT pack is here. Claim it! (Credit: EA Sports)

It's always nice to receive free stuff. You might be interested in the new FIFA 21 Twitch Prime pack then, because it can add a number of free items to your FUT account. How to claim the pack? Easy. Just read along.

FIFA 21 Twitch Prime packs were introduced in January of this year. A month later, the second pack has been announced. That will be the case each month until the end of the season. Cool, right? You will rate this even more once you find out that claiming the goods costs nothing.

FIFA 21 Twitch Prime 2 Content

Before guiding you through the "sophisticated" process of claiming the items, we'd better tell you what these items are! The second Twitch Prime pack contains the following:

  • One guaranteed 81+ player item
  • Four Rare Gold player items

It ain't much, but when it's free stuff, we don't really have a right to complain. If you are an incredibly lucky bastard, you might even pull a quality player out of it. You never know when your lucky star is going to shine.

How to Get the FIFA 21 Twitch Prime 2 Pack

We assume you already have a FUT account, so all you need in addition to this is a Prime Gaming account. Link the two and jet off to Amazon's site to claim your prize!

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