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Get stars from MLS or the rest of the world.

FIFA 21: Guaranteed RDW or MLS TOTS SBC - Cheapest Solution

Who will be lucky and snatch Meta-Nani for a ridiculous price? (Credit: ArciiGaming via YouTube)

Want to expand your portfolio, or need a new super sub? Thanks to the latest SBC in FIFA 21 you can get a MLS TOTS card or a Rest of the World TOTS card. We're here to show you how to solve the SBC with the cheapest solution.

With the latest SBC you can get a Guaranteed TOTS player from MLS or the Rest Of The World. Of course we will show you how to do it the cheapest way possible.

Here you can find the TOTS from MLS and the Rest Of The World:

Is the Guaranteed RDW/MLS TOTS SBC worth it?

The guaranteed RDW or MLS TOTS SBC is definitely worth it! For about 26,500 coins you have a chance to get Nani TOTS - who really destroys. Should you pull him, you can really rejoice, because he will most likely make your team a good step better. Even if you draft a not so good player, you can use him as a super sub - or you got a TOTS player for an upcoming SBC.

Guaranteed RDW/MLS TOTS SBC: Cheapest Solution

The team you need to give up in order to complete the Guaranteed RDW/MLS SBC costs about 23,000 coins and has the following requirements:

  • Guaranteed RDW/MLS TOTS: Min. 82 OVR, min. 70 chemistry
Guaranteed MLS RDW TOTS Cheapest Solution
Imagine to get Nani TOTS for this team... (Credit: FUTBIN)

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