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Get a TOTS player from France

FIFA 21: Guaranteed Ligue 1 TOTS SBC - Cheapest solution

Guaranteed Ligue1 TOTS SBC
Get yourself a Superstar from France. (Credit: ArciiGaming via YouTube)

With the latest SBC in FIFA 21 you can get a TOTS card from the Ligue 1. We are here to show you the cheapest solution!

If you want to get a TOTS player of the Ligue 1 for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you are in exactly the right place. We will show you which team you have to trade in to get your Ligue 1 TOTS star.

Get yourself Monacos forward Kevin Volland with this SBC:

Is the Guaranteed Ligue 1 TOTS SBC worth it?

Yes, grind and complete this SBC because for about 130,000 coins you have a chance to get Neymar or Mbappé. These two are the absolute superstars of the TOTS from France. However, if you don't have enough coins, don't chase the team at all costs. After all, you can also draft Caio Henrique, for example. He's not even worth 50,000 coins. If you complete the guaranteed Ligue 1 TOTS SBC, we'll keep our fingers crossed that you get the player you're hoping for!

Guaranteed Ligue 1 TOTS SBC: Cheapest Solution

The team you need to trade in to to complete the Guaranteed Ligue 1 TOTS SBC costs a little over 130,000 coins and has the following requirements:

  • Ligue 1: Min. one In Form - or TOTS-Player, min. 86 OVR, min. 55 chemistry
Guaranteed Ligue 1 TOTS SBC cheapest solution
Give up this team in order to get Neymar or Mbappé. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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