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We Sherlocked EA Sports!

Future Stars Loading Screen Teaser: These 3 Cards are Coming!

A New FUT Future Stars Loading Screen Appeared: We Deciphered the Teaser! These Players are Coming
Three Future Stars Teaser, but we know who you are! (Credit: EA Sports)

New FUT Promo Future Stars is starting tonight and we already got a climpse of what to expect. And you know what? There’s a new loading screen teasing three players. Who is coming? We channeled our inner Sherlock!

The new Future Stars Event in FIFA 21 is about to kick off and EA Sports added a new loading screen to the game, teasing the first three players that made it into Team 1. No names were given, but we would not be EarlyGame, if we did not find out. Muahaha!

FUT Future Stars Teaser: These 3 Players are Coming

Not much detail is given in the new loading screen for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. On the left side, we have a card with 91 pace and 88 dribbling. In the mid, we see some player from the Netherlands and on the right, there’s a left-back with 85 defense.

So, we put our Sherlock hat on and decrypted all the detail, here’s what we found.

Dejan Kulusevski (Piemonte Calcio)

The stats on the left would perfectly fit a juiced up Future Stars version of Piemonte’s right winger Dejan Kulusevski, who’s gold card received 77 OVR. Plus ten points pace and dribbling would be a fit.

FUT Future Stars Dejan Kulusevski card
This card would perfectly fit a Flashback Ibrahimovic. (Credit: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

Why Kulusevski?

This is, where it gets interesting! There’s a second loading screen, offering us some coordinates on the right side and these lead us to a village near Sweden's capital city Stockholm. And now guess who was born in this village? You are right: Kulusevski!

FUT Future Stars Loading Screen Coordiantes Teaser
See these coordinates on the right? It must be Kulusevski! (Credit: EA Sports)

Ryan Gravenberch (Ajax Amsterdam)

The card in the middle is easy to decipher. An 89-rated player from the Netherlands (under 23 years) can only be Ajax’s midfielder Gravenberch whose potential in FIFA 21’s career mode reaches 89 OVR.

FUT Future Stars Ryan Gravenberch card
This one is pretty clear: Must be Gravenberch. (Credit: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

Brandon Williams (Manchester United)

The third and final card is the toughest one, though. A left-back with 85 defense, that’s all we know. But giving us the position means, that there’s something special waiting. It must be a shocker, people are talking about. Someone, who’s selling packs for EA Sports, right?

ManU left-back Brandon Williams would be a fit on this one, but there are a few other options. But players from England are always hyped by the community.

FUT Future Stars Brandon Williams card
Bye, bye, Alex Telles: Williams is our man! (Credit: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

But what would you think about a left-back card for Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka? That would be something, the FIFA community would celebrate. And you know what? It’s possible. Coming again from career mode, the left midfielder can also play as a wing-back or left-back.

Saka with a position change? Oh my god, we’re diggin’ it!

FUT Future Stars Bukayo Saka card
This left-back Saka is all we need in our lives right now. (Credit: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

All the players who are making Future Stars Team 1 will be revealed today a 18:00 CET, so we have to wait a little longer until we find out.

We personally love this concept and would welcome it back with open arms, but what do you think about it? Share your thoughts on our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter or join our Discord channel.