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Why give coins with cards like this available?

Get This 89 OVR Striker for Free!

FIFA 21 Florian Niederlechner Objectives
Objectives Florian Niederlechner is comparable to End of an Era Sergio Agüero. (Credit: EA Sports)

An 89 OVR striker for no FIFA 21 coins at all? That's the definition of Florian Niederlechner from Augsburg. The Bundesliga player is of course the prize for completed FUT Objectives. Here's how you can get him for free.

There's plenty of German league football in FUT these days. EA Sports released Objectives Florian Niederlechner together with the Bundesliga POTM. He isn't expensive at all, and you should give him a try if you have a Bundesliga team. The best part is actually just how inexpensive he is: because he's absolutely free!

How Good Is Objectives Florian Niederlechner?

93 sprint speed, 93 finishing and 97 shooting power are peak Niederlechner. Dribbling and physicality values also look good. Attach the Engine chemistry style, and you get a really strong and hustling meta striker. Aka, Objectives Florian Niederlechner is freaking fantastic.

FIFA 21 Florian Niederlechner Objectives Stats
Niederlechner is easily among the best strikers in the Bundesliga. (Credit: FUTBIN)

How to Get Niederlechner's Card?

To get your hands on Niederlechner's card, you have to complete five tasks in the FUT Live Friendly Manager Masterpiece mode. You have until May 7 to do this.

Of course, the focus will be on players from the Bundesliga. At least 15 games are required. Theoretically, with a little luck, you can secure Objectives Florian Niederlechner in about four hours.

Definitely one of the three best meta strikers if you are playing with a Bundesliga team in FIFA 21 and the best option if you don't have a lot of coins in your bank.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.