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Sometimes only pace isn't enough

FUT 21: The Most Important Attributes for Attackers

FUT 21 Attackers Cavani
What does a good Attacker in FUT 21 need? (Credit: FIFA)

Have you ever wondered which attributes are the most important ones for attackers in FIFA 21? Let's state the obvious; Pace is vital for every attacker. No matter how good the player is, he won't be suitable for any FUT 21 team if he is slow. Besides Pace, pretty much everything in the shooting department is also essential. Everyone who plays FIFA knows this, but what are the hidden attributes you should look for in an attacker?

Best Attributes for Strikers in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 isn't much different from previous versions of the game. Through balls behind are still the best way to score. Of course, this requires Pace, which has only two attributes assigned to it, Acceleration and Sprint Speed. Both attributes are equally important, and you will need attackers with 85+ on both. When it comes to shooting, everything from Att. Positioning to volleys is important. However, Shot Power means more than most players think. If the Shot Power is above 90, and you are shooting from the right position, the keeper stands no chance.

Passing is also important, but only for LW and RW positions. Strikers aren't there to pass the ball, they just need to capitalize on the ones they already got. So, you don't have to worry about your strikers having high passing grades. Another important thing is dribbling, especially three dribbling attributes: Agility, Reactions, and Ball Control. Agility is tied with Pace, as it represents how agile the player actually is. It will make it easier to change directions and dribble the ball past the defender. Reactions represent how fast the player can react in certain situations. It is very useful in duels, and high reactions will often help you get the ball in 50% - 50% scenarios. The last one is ball control which is especially important for dribblers. Players with high ball control are able to keep the ball secure while running and turning left or right.

FIFA 21 Cavani
Cavani FUT 21 Card (Source: EA Games)

Additional Important Attributes for Attackers

It is important to mention that every good striker has to have at least a 4-star weak foot. Of course, 5-star is ideal, but those players are rare, so you will have to settle with a 4-star weak foot and learn how to use it. In other words, use the preferred foot when you have the chance to do so. If there is no time to adjust the players, just shoot with the other foot as 4-stars players can still make a decent attempt.

It is also important to have a high attacking player work rate. In addition to that, Stamina and Strength are also important factors. Every attacker has to have high Stamina in order to maintain the rhythm through 90 minutes game. Strength is important to deal with central backs and help you stay on your feet.

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