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FUT 21: Why Are Some Silver Players So Expensive?

FIFA 21 silver players price market
Credit: EA Sports

Even though most silver players in FUT 21 can be bought for less than 1000 coins, there are some silver players with such high prices that can often go over 10,000 and in some cases even beyond 30,000 coins. But why are some silver players expensive? Stick around and you'll find out.

FIFA 21: Why Silver Players Are So Expensive?

Truth be told, there are two main reasons why some silver players can be expensive. First of all, some silver cards are really good and there are actually FIFA players that prefer the challenge and choose to play with silvers just to make the game more interesting. In addition to that, FIFA also added special objectives for using silver players.

fifa 21 expensive silver players
Silver Sensation Objective FUT 21 (Credit: EA Sports)

Silver Players and Objectives

You can actually get a lot of free packs by completing certain objectives with silver players. Therefore, you need to create a team of strong silver players that can actually win you a game. That’s why some silver cards with good grades can cost even more than 30,000 coins.

FUT 21 Silver Market
FUT 21 Silver Market (Credit: EA Sports)

Silver Cards and SBCs

The second reason why some low graded silver cards can cost a lot of coins is SBCs. EA just had to find a way to inspire people to trade silver players, so they often provide SBCs that require only silvers. Further, there are League SBCs where you need to complete all the teams from a certain league to get a reward. Some of those teams only have silver players at certain positions and you have to buy them to complete that SBC. That’s why you can often find LB and RB silvers listed for extremely high prices. Try to take advantage of this and bid for some rare silver players to resell them later for a profit.

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