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Green Links Are The Key

FUT 21: Building a Hybrid Team

fifa 21 hybrid team solution
Credit: EA Sports

Building a hybrid team can be hard, especially if you want to maintain 100 chemistry. Unfortunately, every FIFA player has encountered a certain situation where they have had to use players from other leagues or nations in their squad. It can be difficult to build that perfect hybrid team, but that's why we're here to help!

Sometimes your league or nation just doesn't have good enough players in a certain position, and you have to look for replacements. On the other side, you may be packed with some great un-tradable players that you want to use, but can't without a hybrid team. Whatever it is, stick around to find out how to connect those players into your hybrid team, so that everything fits perfectly.

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Adding Untradeable Players to Hybrid Team

There are multiple types of Hybrid Teams, but we will focus on the Hybrid League Team to make it simple. Be aware that the same rules can be applied to hybrid nation teams as well.

Hybrid League Teams can contain two or more leagues, depending on your situation. Let’s first take a look at how to implement an untradeable player from another league into your squad.

hybrid team untradeable player
Adding an untradeable Player to your team (Credit: EA Sports)

Our first example is the team in the picture above. Let’s assume it's your PL team, and you packed untradeable Casemiro CB FUT FREEZE 90. Of course, you would want to use that player in your team but, as you can see, it is impossible to connect him with any player in this squad. Thus, he will only have 4 chemistry.

Adding him to the team will also decrease the chemistry of Kante, Van Dijk and Lorris, but it won’t affect Robertson because he has a green link with Mane.

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With that in mind, the problem with Kante can be solved with one green link by swapping Aubameyang and Werner. This way, Kante will have a green link with Werner, and he will be back to 10 chemistry.

But what about Van Dijk and Lorris? Casemiro is from Brazil, so you will have to look for good Brazilian players in PL. Luckily, there is a Brazilian player from Liverpool that will benefit both Casemiro and Van Dijk: goalkeeper Alisson. If we bring Allison, all the players will have 10 chemistry, but Casemiro will still be at 5. So, we need to increase that even more. That’s why it would be best to bring a player that Casemiro will have a green link with.

fifa 21 Hybrid Team Solution
Hybrid Team Solution (Credit: EA Sports)

After bringing Mendy, we created a new problem with Mane, who is now at 7 chemistry. So, we need to find another player at the LM position that will have at least one green link. If we bring Rashford, and swap Bruno with Kante, both players will have 1 green link, and they will maintain maximal chemistry.

With this improvement, Casemiro has 7 chemistry, but we want to increase it even more. The only way to increase it now is with the manager. We brought the Brazilian manager in, and applied the Premier League to him. This way, Casemiro has 8 chemistry, which is more than enough for him to play now. The total team chemistry is also 100 so we are done.

Building Custom Hybrid Team

If you want to build a custom hybrid team, we suggest that you to use a third-party website like FUTBIN to avoid spending unnecessary coins while looking for a solution. So, first build your team there, and then buy all the players you need. Let’s say we have those same players as we did in the previous team, but we want to make a team that will have all players at 10 chemistry, including Casemiro. First, select a formation, and add all the players you want to keep using in your team.

fut 21 hybrid team futbin
FUTIN Hybrid Team (Credit: FUTBIN)

After that, try to connect players with nationality, and those players who have red link also have to have green link. As you can see in the example above, all the players in this team have 10 chemistry, even though they are from three different leagues. Be aware that Icons can be connected with anyone, and you can use them to build any custom hybrid team you want.


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