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Why FIFA Is Better Than PES


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Every year there is a new PES and a new FIFA. That's as certain as the Amen in the church. The battle for the soccer crown between FIFA and PES is getting tighter and tighter. But in terms of gameplay, FIFA still has the pole position. In terms of graphics, presentation, game modes and gameplay, FIFA also comes out on top. It is simply much more beginner-friendly and offers more variety.

Both games look good, but FIFA feels much faster, smoother and more arcade-like. Everything is fluid and loose, whereas Pro Evolution is more about hard realism. In terms of presentation, menus and gameplay, playing FIFA is almost like being part of a real soccer broadcast. This is where the top dog from EA Sports easily outshines the competition.

FIFA offers a career mode, the UEFA Champions League, a story mode, Ultimate Team, and a small street soccer mode. eFootball PES holds its own with Master League and Matchday. Master League offers a full-fledged soccer manager but the career mode in FIFA is in no way inferior to its infamous counter-parter. PES 2020 has the rights to the 2020 European Championship but FIFA has almost every other license. If you like the Volta mode or are a fan of Ultimate Team, you are better off with FIFA.

At the end of the day, the ball has to go into the net and that should feel good. That's what really counts. Ultimately, FIFA and PES offer different experiences for different types of players. Both FIFA and PES have their own strengths, but FIFA is instantly enjoyable for most people and has many loyal fans for good reasons. Those looking for the most realistic simulation will reach for PES. However, if you want the better, more entertaining, and more comprehensive game, go with FIFA.


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