FIFA 22 Weekend League Starts This Weekend!

The first Weekend League in FIFA 22 starts on Friday, October 8th. This weekend, the FIFA community will play the biggest mode in FIFA 22. What awaits you? And how can you qualify for the FUT Champions Finals? We'll tell you now.
The biggest mode in FIFA 22 starts on Friday, October 8th! | © EA Sports

On Friday we'll start sweating! The Weekend League, now better known as the FUT Champions Finals, starts this weekend on Friday, October 8th! In Ultimate Team, the WL is considered the most important mode. Here, the best players compete and try to achieve a blatant rank. So, let's see what to expect on the weekend!

FIFA 22 Weekend League Starts on October 8th

If you haven't qualified for the Weekend League via Division Rivals mode, now is the time to do it. This year, you have to get 1,500 points (starting in Division 10) and then get into the play-offs. There, you have to win 5 out of 9 games. If you fail to do this, it becomes uncomfortable. Then, you have to get 1,500 Rivals points, and play the play-offs again. So you really have to sweat.

Of course, this means that the WL is getting a lot more sweaty than in recent years. So be sure to build a good starter team and buy strong super subs. Everyone wants to get the most out of the FUT Champions Finals. Everything really has to fit if you want to achieve a strong rank.

How Many Weekend League Games are in FIFA 22?

In the FIFA 22 Weekend League, you only have to play 20 games. If you consider that we had to play 40 games once, then at some point 30, and now only 20, we have to say - good development!

With 30-40 games, it can quickly take a whole weekend, and emotionally, it was always super stressful. That will of course still be the case now, but it will be more relaxed. We think it's nice.

When do you get the Rewards?

You will receive your rewards immediately after the last completed game - that is new. We have also listed all FUT changes in this article. Why is it so nice that you get the rewards right on the weekend? You know which Team of the Week you're playing for, that's a lot cooler.

And you don't have to wait four days to be disappointed after that. Sure, nice rewards streams may then no longer be found that quickly, but basically, this is also a sensible renewal of EA's side. What rewards can you expect? Depends on your rank. However, we have written down the rewards for each rank in our FUT Rewards article. Take a look at it, and then you will know what to expect.

We're hyped for the first WL. One more tip from us: Don't go in with too high expectations, we know that from the past, if you want to reach a certain rank, you will often be disappointed. In addition, we are of course very curious to see whether the servers and the gameplay will be smooth. We really don't want any lags in the first Weekend League.

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