Guilty in Sex Tape Blackmail Case: Will Benzema be Removed from FUT?

Trouble with the police instead of performing on the pitch. We'll show you football players who may soon no longer be part of FIFA Ultimate Team.
FIFA 22 Benzema FUT
Will Benzema be canceled by EA? | © EA Sports

Every year, there are players who are in the game at the start of FIFA and then are removed over the course of the season. We're showing you players who are already out of FIFA 22 - and those who may be removed soon.

Benjamin Mendy was already banned before the release. The Manchester City left-back is rightly no longer in FIFA Ultimate Team, as he is facing four rape allegations. His trial starts in January.

Karim Benzema Receives Probation – Will He Be Removed From Ultimate Team?

Real Madrid superstar Karim Benzema might be canceled by EA. The Frenchman was on trial for trying to blackmail former teammate Mathieu Valbuena with an intimate video in 2015.

Now, a judge handed Benzema a one-year suspended jail term and ordered him to pay a €75,000 (£63,000; $84,000) fine.

It's just unbelievable that a multimillionaire got involved in such a shoddy story. It's actually also unbelievable that the goalscorer is celebrated in a sporty way, while he is such a failure off the pitch.

But well ... if we judged our idols by their behavior, we would have probably canceled Cristiano Ronaldo for quite a while now.

Lucas Hernandez Avoids Jail Time – Could He Still Be Cancelled in FUT?

Bayern Munich star Lucas Hernandez had to stand trial in Madrid. The French faced a prison sentence for disregarding a restraining order from his current wife. He avoids the jail time.

Instead, he had to pay 96,000 euros. But the story is incredibly curious. If EA wants to maintain a clean image, he could be removed this season.

Everton Suspended Sigurdsson – Why Is He Still In Ultimate Team?

The story of the former Premier League star is terrible. The 31-year-old is suspected of molesting children and has logically been suspended by Everton FC.

Why Mendy is out, and Sigurdsson is still in, is a mystery to us. However, the central attacking midfielder could soon no longer be available in FUT. And rightly so.

Bissouma in Custody – Will EA Soon Remove Him?

Brighton & Hove Albion's Yves Bissouma was escorted out of a nightclub by police in handcuffs in October. He is said to have sexually assaulted a woman.

Latest news are, that his bail has been extended.

EA didn't comment on the incident and leaves the central defensive midfielder in the game. Should the case be further investigated, he could also be removed from the game.

What is FC Prison in FIFA 22?

The community (for example on Reddit) is now jokingly saying that so many professionals are on trial that it is almost enough to create a whole club.

Of course, the allegations against the stars are not really funny - but the sympathy for the blasé multimillionaires (and that's putting it mildly) is limited. So, FC Prison includes players who are either already out of Ultimate Team, or who could be out soon.

Either way, EA should react and closely monitor the incidents and court hearings. Because among them are cases that are not funny at all and if the allegations are confirmed, these players should no longer be in a sports game (which we all play mainly for fun).