FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: New Pedro Flashback SBC

Finally, we get another nice SBC in FIFA 22! Pedro Flashback is now in FIFA 22 and can be completed until October 8th, 2021. Is the SBC worth it? And how expensive is it? Let's take a look.
FIFA 22 Pedro
What a nice SBC! | © FUT Universe

EA has once again dropped an amazing SBC. Pedro Flashback can now be completed. The Spaniard has got nice values and is definitely affordable for one or the other. Let's take a look at the Lazio player!

Pedro Flashback-SBC – FIFA 22

  • Position: LW
  • Nation: Spain
  • League: Calcio A
  • Team: Latium (Lazio Rom)
  • OVR: 86
  • Weak Foot: 5 Star
  • Skills: 4 Star
  • Price: 88,000 Coins
  • Expiry Date: October 8, 2021

Is the Pedro Flashback SBC worth it?

We think the Pedro-SBC is really cool. Because pace is not that important in FIFA 22, the Spaniard's card is really strong. He even has 4-star skills and 5 star weak foot - outstanding! And one more note in regard to pace: Pedro even has 98 pace, so he's damn quick on the first few meters! But then he becomes noticeably slower - 77 sprint speeds are on his card.

So, we'd say he is worth it, but we do know that 87k is not a small amount at the beginning of FIFA. Above all, you would not get the coins back. So if you have only few coins, you should ignore Pedro Flashback. But if you already have more in your account, we say: Buy him!

Pedro Flashback
Looks nice, right? | © FUTBIN

Pedro Flashback SBC: Cheapest Solution FIFA 22

If we show you the cheapest solution, it means: This card has it all! But of course, if the SBC is worth it, you should also know how to complete it in the cheapest way. So, let's take a look at the teams that you have to hand over for Pedro:

  • Gold Squad: Player Level: Min. Gold, min. 30 chemistry
Very easy and very cheap. | © EA Sports
  • Rare Gold Squad: Player Level: Min. Gold, Rare: Min. 11 Players, min. 30 chemistry
FIFA 22 Pedro
Also very easy and very cheap. | © EA Sports
  • Top Form: Team of the Week: Min. 1 Player, min. 83 OVR, min. 80 chemistry
Pedro SBC
Hause is here the In Form card. | © EA Sports
  • Past and Present: Premier League: Min. 1 Player, Serie A TIM: Min. 1 Player, min. 84 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
FIFA 22 Pedro SBC
This one is also more expensive. | © EA Sports
  • La Furia Roja: Spain: Min. 1 Player, min. 85 OVR, min. 70 chemistry
After that Pedro is your card! | © EA Sports

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