FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Meta Left-Backs

We're finally moving away from the highest rated players and towards the best in-game players in every position. Because in the end, it depends on their in game qualities. So what meta left-backs do we have in each price range?
We show you OP left-backs in FIFA 22!

All Ultimate Team players are looking for the best players in each position. Today, we're going to show you which left-backs are the strongest in FIFA 22. We divide it into three price categories, so that there really is something for everyone. Important: This is about the best players in-game - i.e. meta players, as we already had the highest rated left backs.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Meta Left-Backs

The best left-back you can get in Ultimate Team is Roberto Carlos. Since very few of you are likely to have over a million coins lying around for a LB in your club, we will show you alternatives that are also OP - at least for their price range.

In the first price range, we have Ashley Cole. The Englishman is new in FIFA 22. Do you remember him at Chelsea? So do we... a true legend. This year, he is there for the first time and one of the best in his position. So if you have 300k left for the Baby Icon, you should get him. Apart from that, there are outstanding alternatives on the position...

Ashley Cole Baby
The Baby Icon is incredible. | © FUTBIN

For the next price category, we have chosen two players. Number 1 is Real Madrid's Ferland Mendy (who else?). The Frenchman has been the best left-back for the past two years and can be found in every team. It is similar this year. 92 pace, 78 DEF and 82 physique - outstanding. Our tip: Play him on Shadow and no striker can get past him. Price: 116k. Unfortunately.

Number 2 is Alphonso Davies. Apparently. The Canadian only costs 65k and is almost as strong as Mendy. 96 pace is fantastic... Only Mbappé is faster in FIFA 22. Here, too, our tip: Sentinel as a chemistry style, so that the Canadian does a perfect job in the defense. Oh man, these are two dream left-backs...

Who do we have in the cheapest price range for you? Roussillon from VfL Wolfsburg. The French only costs 7k, and you can link him perfectly with Lacroix. With 88 pace, he has a lot of speed. Anchor is a good chemistry style for him. Alternatively, Spinazzola for 12k (and with 92 pace!). So there are many opportunities in the position, but don't underestimate the full backs! They are extremely important.

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