POTM Nkunku SBC: Cheapest Solution

Do you want to complete the POTM Nkunku SBC? We show you the cheapest solution for the ZOM from RB Leipzig.
Get POTM Nkunku via SBC | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

The content is slowly starting to get more and more in FIFA 22. A new event every week, milestone rewards and the Numbers Up Event with Adidas.

The POTMs are also chosen diligently, and we then get them as SBC. Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig is now the player of the month in the Bundesliga for October. We'll show you how you can get the nice CAM as cheaply as possible!

Chrisopher Nkunku POTM SBC Stats

The fast attacker is really not a bargain. You currently have to spend around 220,000 coins for him. Hopefully, you have a few more untradeable players up your sleeve that you can give up now if you want to get him. Then you at least save some coins.

The guy is not only a high-flyer in the Bundesliga, but also in FIFA 22. Awesome dribbling, passing looks nice, and the pace is stable anyway. So, the price is justified.

TeamRB Leipzig
Preisapprox. 220,000 Coins






Those stats are tasty. You can use Nkunku POTM really solidly in the midfield with these stats. His DEF values ​​are also ok. There's really little to complain about with the Bundesliga player of the month for October.

FIFA 22 POTM Nkunku Stats Player of the Month Oktober Bundesliga
The boy is first class. | © futbin

Is the Christopher Nkunku Player of the Month SBC in FIFA 22 Worth It?

It depends on who you already have. Great tip, but seriously: if you already have one of his Rulebreaker cards, for example, then of course not. They're meta as well. If you need a flexible midfielder, you definitely do.

Pro POTM Nkunku SBC
Contra POTM Nkunku SBC
  • Fair Price
  • Awesome Stats (Meta)
  • Links really nice
  • Shooting could be better
  • 3 Stars Weak Foot

POTM Nkunku-SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

What's the cheapest way to complete the Nkunku SBC? If we show you the cheapest solution, it means: This card has it all! But of course, even with average cards, you should know how to solve them. So, let's take a look at the teams that are required for Nkunku:

220,000 coins240,000 coins

240,000 coins

POTM Nkunku SBC Team 1 Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Nkunku POTM SBC Team 1
Arsenals White is the IF. | © futbin

Nkunku Team 1 SBC Requirements

  • Min. 1 RB Leipzig Player
  • OVR min. 82
  • Min. 80 chemistry
  • Min. 1 IF
  • Reward: Electrum-Player-Pack (small)
18,000 coins19,000 coins18,000 coins

POTM Nkunku SBC Team 2 Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Nkunku POTM SBC Team 2
Gladbachs Hofmann is the IF. | © futbin

Nkunku Team 2 SBC Requirements

  • Min. 1 France Player
  • OVR min. 84
  • Min. 75 chemistry
  • Reward: Prime-Goldplayer-Pack (small)
34,000 coins37,000 coins35,000 coins

POTM Nkunku SBC Team 3 Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Nkunku POTM SBC Team 3
Tadic is the exception in the Bundesliga connection. | © futbin

Nkunku Team 3 SBC Requirements

  • Min. 1 Bundesliga Player
  • OVR min. 85
  • Min. 70 chemistry
  • Reward: Prime-Electrum-Player-Pack
58,000 coins66,000 coins60,000 coins

POTM Nkunku SBC Team 4 Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Nkunku POTM SBC Team 4
And in Team 4 Tadic is the IF. | © futbin

Nkunku Team 4 SBC Requirements

  • Min. 1 IF
  • OVR min. 86
  • Min. 65 chemistry
  • Reward: Rare-Electrum-Player-Pack
108,000 coins113,000 coins112,000 coins

SBCs are very popular in FUT. We have a separate category for the Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 22.