FUT 22 Icon Swaps 2 Are Here

The Icon Swaps have been an extremely popular feature in FIFA for years. Icon Swaps also await us in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Now we finally know when it's going to happen. We tell you when Icon Swaps are live and what you can spend your tokens on.
FIFA 22 Icon Swaps
The Icon Swaps hype is real. But when can get Cantona? | © EA Sports

Icon Swaps mean sweating, but at the same time also free legends that enrich every team. With the feature you can play different modes and choose one (or more) of the Icons offered. But when will the Icon Swaps come in FIFA 22? There have been rather sobering leaks in the past, but it turns out... they weren't legit. Here's all the info!

Rooney, Casillas, Desailly and Del Piero as Icon Swaps?

Because at first, it was said that we have to wait until 2022, but luckily the Icon Swaps came in December already. Here's a list of Icons and packs that you can grind and collect tokens for:

  • 2 tokens – 25 x 81+ Player Pack
  • 3 tokens – 25 x 82+ Player Pack
  • 5 tokens – 25 x 83+ Player Pack
  • 6 tokens – Mid Iker Casillas
  • 7 tokens – Mid Rio Ferdinand
  • 8 tokens – Base or Mid ICON Pack
  • 9 tokens – Prime Marc Overmars
  • 10 tokens – Mid ICON Pack
  • 11 tokens – Mid Marcel Desailly
  • 12 tokens – Base Alessandro Del Piero
  • 13 tokens – 89+ Mid ICON Pack
  • 14 tokens – Base or Mid ICON Player Pick
  • 14 tokens – Prime Gianluca Zambrotta
  • 16 tokens – Mid or Prime ICON Pack
  • 17 tokens – Base, Mid, or Prime ICON Player Pick
  • 17 tokens – Mid Wayne Rooney

Casillas, Ferdinand, Overmars, Desailly, Del Piero, Zambrotta and Rooney... are not the most amazing meta cards, but what do you expect from the first round of Icon Swaps in FIFA 22. Sooo... by checking the complete list of Icons, it actually looks quite okay, doesn't it? Besides the legends, we can also expect different Packs and Player Picks.

Icon Swaps 2 FIFA 22 Rooney
Rooney would be nice in our team, ngl | © EA Sports

When Will The Icon Swaps Come In Ultimate Team?

What are the Icon Swaps? With the Icon Swaps you have to do various tasks that are shown in the menu. Mostly it is about winning a certain number of games with a league team in Squad Battles or Division Rivals. If you managed to do this with a team, you will receive a swap / token (a white player card). If you have a certain number of tokens, you can buy an Icon. The Icons and their prices are then displayed at the SBCs - an Icon pack is usually also included.

Do we already have a date when the Icon Swaps will be integrated into FIFA 22? YESSS! The first batch of Icon Swaps came on December 15th.

In FIFA 21 EA also integrated the feature at the beginning of December... this year a lot of leaks expected a later release date. FIFPlay wrongly assumed that we will get Icon Swaps 1 on February 18, 2022. That would have been surprisingly late.

A second lot of objectives landed on January 10, 2022. You can complete them until February 7. Fernando Torres and Clarence Seedorf are waiting for you as SBC.

Are The Icon Swaps Worth It?

Definitely. At least if they come into the game as early as possible. Here you can play different modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals, get cool rewards and great Icons - for free! This is exactly what is so nice about the feature of getting a certain legend / pack without having to spend coins.

The best tip we can give won't blow you away, but still: Save your tokens and get some great stuff! As simple as that.