FUT Champions Finals: The FIFA 22 Weekend League Rewards

The Weekend League. If you want to be among the best in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you first have to prove yourself in the FUT Champions Finals. But which rewards are there in the Weekend League?
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Weekend League Rewards? Easy Snack. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Let's get one thing straight. Nobody, absolutely nobody, plays Ultimate Team for pleasure. There is no fun in this mode. We only want one thing: rewards. The fact that the FUT 22 Rewards are pretty sick this year is something we like to see. Regardless of whether it is Division Rivals, Squad Battles or the Weekend League – you will be rewarded for sweating everywhere.

But if you've already made it to the FUT Champions Finals, you're probably wondering what rewards are waiting for you – and when you will get the rewards. Don't worry, we got you. We provide you with the perfect overview of the rewards of the FIFA 22 FUT Champions Finals!

FUT Champions Finals – When Do We Get The Weekend League Rewards?

Before we show you all the ranks and the specific rewards, you probably want to know when you will receive the FUT Champions Finals rewards. Fortunately, a lot has changed this year. After you have completed your 20 games in the Weekend League, you will receive your rewards immediately. Isn't that awesome?

FUT Champions Finals / Weekend League Rewards in FIFA 22

The Weekend League – the sanctuary of all Ultimate Team sweaters. In the new FUT Champions Finals, only 20 games separate you from fame and glory. For every win you get, you earn four points. After a defeat, you still get one. You can collect between 20 and 80 points in total. Your points after the Weekend League is over will determine for which rewards you have qualified.

With eight points, you have already secured Rank VI in the Weekend League. For this achievement, you get the following rewards:

  • one Player Pick (one of three FUT Champions Cards)
  • one Prime Gold Players Pack
  • two Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
  • 500 Champions Qualification Points
  • 5,000 Coins

Rank V needs no effort, you'll get there with 20 points. So you can fail in all twenty games or "lose because of the momentum" and still get rewarded! These rewards are available for your historic losing streak:

  • two Player Picks (one of three FUT Champions Cards)
  • one Premium Gold Players Pack
  • one Prime Gold Players Pack
  • one Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 500 Champions Qualification Points
  • 10,000 Coins

But we wouldn't talk about the FUT Champions Finals if you didn't have to play like a champion. If you manage to win a couple of games, you will reach Rank IV quite fast. You just need 32 points:

  • two Player Picks (one of three FUT Champions Cards)
  • one Prime Gold Player Pack
  • 1,000 Champions Qualification Points
  • 15,000 Coins

Reaching Rank III will be more difficult. You will need at least eight wins and 44 points. But the sweating is worth it:

  • two Player Picks (one of four FUT Champions Cards)
  • two Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • one Premium TOTW Pack
  • 1,500 Champions Qualification Points
  • 35,000 coins

Sweating, huh? Well, then prepare for Rank II... 12 wins... that's a tough challenge. But hey, these sweet and sexy rewards are waiting for you. Keep going!

  • three Player Picks (one of five FUT Champions Cards)
  • one Mega Pack
  • one Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • one Premium TOTW Pack
  • 2,000 Champions Qualifications Points
  • 60,000 coins

The legends. 20 games, 16 wins. Think about it... How did these players hack the momentum? The Rank I rewards are just sick:

  • three Player Picks (one of five FUT Champions Cards)
  • one Ultimate Pack
  • two Premium TOTW Packs
  • 2,000 Champions Qualification Points
  • 105,000 coins