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FIFA 22: Release Date, News & More

FIFA 22 Release Date, Cover Star
FIFA 22 is still far away, which doesn't stand in our way to speculate a release date. (Credit: EA Sports)

With FIFA's annual cycle of releases, it doesn't take much to figure out the FIFA 22 release date. Yes, FIFA is most definitely headed towards the next installment. FIFA 21 is just a few months old, but that also means FIFA 22 is just a few months away. Time for assumptions and speculations!

We don't expect anything official regarding the FIFA 22 release date or gameplay to be confirmed before June at the earliest, but we can be pretty damn certain about the game's release date nonetheless.

FIFA 22 News & Updates

Perhaps the most exciting FIFA 22 news as of February 2021 is that Champions League will continue to be a FIFA exclusive for another year. EA secured the exclusive UEFA rights just a few days ago, so the European continental competitions experience will remain intact for at least another season.

Other than that, there's not much to do other than speculation. For example, EA will almost certainly jump on the $70 bandwagon. We can't guarantee a better game, but a higher price? Absolutely. That $70 price tag is for the base version of the game. Special editions are sure to eclipse triple-digit numbers.

What Platforms Will FIFA 22 Be Released On?

It's certain that FIFA 22 will be released on the PS5, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series and the PC. The next-gen consoles are going to be less than a year old by the time FIFA 22 launches, so the PS4 and Xbox One will most likely also get FIFA 22 – or at least a compatible version. We're not as confident for the Nintendo Switch, but we can't completely rule out a light FIFA 22 version yet.

FIFA 22 Release Date

So we're consorting our magic crystal ball for this with a daring prediction: We expect the FIFA 22 release date to be October 5. As usual, everything in the region of late September-early October is plausible, but you gotta point your finger somewhere

As for who will be the FIFA 22 cover star – well, there are going to be two or three different editions (thank god EA is not like Ubisoft in that regard) and a cover star is always a hard guess. If we go by performance, Robert Lewandowski deserves the shine more than any other player, but he's not the most marketable prospect. Bruno Fernandes maybe? Capitalize on Manchester United's relative success? We'll see.


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