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EA once again makes us wait... and pay

FIFA 22 Demo Canceled!


There will be no demo for FIFA 22. As it was the case with FIFA 21, we won't be able to take a look at FIFA 22 without paying for it. If you want to know the reasons for the canceled demo and find out some alternatives, you are at the right spot!

This news is anything but surprising. Electronic Arts disappointed us already beforehand, with FIFA 21. At that time, the publisher made up some lazy excuse that they want to offer the community the whole greatness of its gaming experience and not just a part of it... We are still waiting for that experience today. For some reason, we were hoping for the return of the demo version of FIFA 22 – and they tricked us again. We provide you with all the information about the missing FIFA 22 demo!

The Hypermotion feature in particular would have given the demo version of FIFA 22 a special appeal. How would the animations have felt, how is the gameplay changing? For EA, this would have been the ideal opportunity to win back disappointed fans of the past few years. If a free trial is offered, and you are convinced of it, you would very likely reach for your wallet and buy the game? Electronic Arts (surprisingly) ignores this source of income again. What's the reason behind that?

FIFA 22 Demo Canceled – These Are The Alternatives

Maybe EA wants to convince the community to choose its other offers for FIFA 22. As we have already reported, the EA Play game service will be able to access FIFA 22 from September 22nd. You have to invest a bit of money for that, but it gives you the possibility to try the game by far the earliest. But: The playing time will be limited to 10 hours.

The publisher is probably also betting on its Ultimate Edition (from September 27th). Surely, large parts of the community will not be able to resist the temptation to start the game four days earlier for a (massive) extra charge. In this article you can find out whether you should get the Ultimate Edition or rather wait for the Standard Edition.

Finally, let's add some conspiracy theories: Maybe there is a bigger reason than money behind the cancellation of the FIFA 22 demo? Maybe the game isn't that convincing after the big hype? Is EA afraid of an angry community? We can't say for sure. A bad demo would put many gamers off buying... Ok, then it's probably all about the money again. Classic EA.

In the money game, cash is king. So let's talk about money:

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