Dani Alves Back in FIFA: How Good Will He Be?

Dani Alves is back at his former club FC Barcelona. How good will the 38-year-old be in FIFA 22 – and when will he come back? We give a prediction for the veteran.
FIFA 22 Dani Alves
Which card will Dani Alves get in FIFA 22? | © fifarosters/Pixabay

For fans of FC Barcelona, certainly a message that makes the heart beat faster. After the Catalans have chosen Xavi as their new head coach, the return of Dani Alves is perfect. The now 38-year-old full-back is back at the Blaugrana.

His contract with Sao Paulo FC was terminated in September. Dani Alves wore the Barca shirt from 2008 to 2016. Now, he's coming back "home" – and also for the first time since FIFA 19 in a FIFA part.

FIFA 22: Rating Prediction Dani Alves – How Good Will the RB Be?

The old warrior will certainly not be a meta-player for the Ultimate Team. We all agree on that. It would be strange if a 38-year-old player got more than 75 pace – but: 38 years old Pepe still has 82 OVR and 80 pace... who knows what Dani Alves will get.

If you look at his last cards from FIFA 19, his strengths become clear: Pace is okay, but passing and dribbling should still be quite good. We predict that he gets between 78 and 81 OVR – more is simply not possible anymore. If he performs at Barca, he can still get an upgrade.

FIFA 22 Dani Alves Rating Prediction
The last cards we've seen from Dani Alves back in FIFA 19. | © EA Sports/futwiz

When is Dani Alves Coming in FIFA 22?

Dani Alves is only eligible to play from January. That means EA probably won't bring him to FIFA 22 until the New Year. With the big update in January, where player transfers and teams are updated, he should come at the latest.

But since he's already a legend, EA could bring in the Brazilian earlier. We will of course keep you up to date on the development of this.

Will Dani Alves Get a Flashback Card in Ultimate Team?

In FIFA 19, he was awarded with a Flashback SBC. Back then, the PSG-Alves card was one of the most popular of the year. It is therefore questionable whether he will get one again in FIFA 22. With 42 trophies that he has won in his career so far, he is one of the most successful players in the whole world: he would be a nice choice in terms of Flashback.

Before he can get a Flashback card, he must return to the database. We really hope that Barca's deal with Konami doesn't stop us from seeing Alves with a real face. It would just be a shame if EA wouldn't provide him with an original face. Before FIFA 22, various top players didn't have one.