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FIFA 22 Canceled Due to Creative Differences!

EA Sports Cancels FIFA 22
EA Sports canceled FIFA 22 due to 'creative differences'... wow... (Credit: EA)

EA Sports cited creative differences as the reason for why FIFA 22 is canceled. It doesn't get more shocking than this, folks. Let's unravel.

Every year, you get a new FIFA. You can count on that. It's as certain as taxes: When the new year strikes September or October, EA Sports is releasing another FIFA. Well... all traditions are meant to be broken:

Due to creative differences, EA Sports have canceled FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Canceled Due to Creative Differences
We were so ready to pay for mask cosmetics... (Credit: FIFA)

Why Is FIFA 22 Canceled?

EA is not saying much beyond 'creative differences', but according to leakers, an internal dispute is the true reason: Some EA executives considered literally re-skinning FIFA 21 and just slapping new FUT content on it to shovel in the money. The internal opposition called this unethical and wasn't having and... 'creative differences' were born.

Mind you, while the announcement of FIFA 22 being canceled is as certain as the world is flat, the fact that money-hunger was the reason for it, is a mere leak. Take it with a pinch of salt. Considering how big this news is, we definitely expect a development on this soon, and we will keep you updated right here on EarlyGame.

FIFA 22 Canceled Due to Creative Differences
It's all about the money, money, money... we need your money, money, money. (Credit: CNN)

Does This Mean FIFA 21 Will Get Updated?

You would hope so, but at this point we are not certain. We reached out to EA Sports for comment, but thus far our Viber messages have yet to receive a reply. If you ask us, we think that FIFA 21 will not be updated. If there's one thing EA likes, it's money. Since you already paid for FIFA 21 once, EA will likely not update it. We expect EA to re-release FIFA 21 as FIFA 21.2 and sell it for $70. Mind you, this is speculation and only time will tell what happens...

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