FIFA 22: The Best Central Midfielders (CM)

FIFA 22 best CM Meta Ultimate Team
Who is the best CM in FIFA 22? What a question... | © EA SPORTS/Imago/EarlyGame

Your midfield needs a boss to set the tone? We've got the players to take the reins in your midfield. We present you the best and strongest CMs in FIFA 22.

No matter in which mode you prefer to play, your midfield holds everything together. If no one is there to take responsibility and control your game, it's going to be tough. But who can take the reins? Here are the best central midfielders in FIFA 22.

We left out icons, heroes, OTWs and other special gimmicks. We list the best standard players that you can find right at the beginning, no matter if in FUT or Career.

FIFA 22: The Best Central Midfielders – CM

9.Daniel Parejo86
8.Marcos Llorente86
7.Leon Goretzka87
6.Frenkie de Jong87

5. Paul Pogba – 87 OVR

At Manchester United, he is one of the stars of the team. Together with Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Frenchman is shaking up the Premier League. In FIFA 22, Pogba could once again become one of the community favorites for central midfield.

4. Luka Modrić – 87 OVR

Real Madrid has had the best midfield in Europe for years. Casemiro, Toni Kroos - and Luka Modrić. The Croatian is also under a lot of pressure in the national team, but Modrić can still prove himself time and again.

In FIFA 22, he is still strong with 87, but he also suffers from the annoying pace meta. If you want to get a star for cheap, you should keep Modrić in mind.

3. Marco Verratti – 87 OVR

The European champion has come out on top in the best team in FIFA 22. When it comes to passing (87) and dribbling (91), the Italian has no match. Unfortunately, Verratti is anything but fast, so the meta issue is still present.

2. Toni Kroos – 88 OVR

Toni Kroos announced his retirement from the national team after the European Championship - a heavy loss for Germany. At Real Madrid, Kroos still delivers top performances! In FIFA 22, he is one of the players with the best passing stats... FIFA can be realistic after all!

FIFA 22 Beste ZM Meta Ultimate Team
Toni Kroos is simply a passing machine. | © EA SPORTS/Imago/EarlyGame

1. Kevin De Bruyne – 91 OVR

That doesn't really surprise us. Kevin de Bruyne has been an absolute world-class player for years. All the Belgian needs now is his first international title. Would we be happy for him, even if he gets it in the Man City jersey? Not necessarily.

In FIFA 22, he is the strongest CM, but De Bruyne will hardly have anything to do with the meta this year. In the end, he's simply too slow (76 pace).

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Original article by Alex Frieling