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The new update isn't all that thrilling

FIFA 21 Version 1.16 Patch Notes

FIFA 21 Version 1.16 Patch Notes
EA Sports's new FIFA 21 patch notes aren't too exciting, if you're looking for gameplay improvement. (Credit: EA Sports)

The latest update of FIFA 21 is active. We have the 1.16 version patch notes here for you. Depending on what you expected, you can be either very excited or not at all because this patch is strictly about fixing game bugs and issues.

The FIFA 21 updates a couple of months ago were altering gameplay quite a bit, but those days are now behind us. Like the last couple of patch notes released, these new ones deal with fixing bugs within the game, rather than improve its gameplay mechanics.

What Does FIFA 21 Update 1.16 Change?

Most of the 1.16 update patch notes are strictly visual fixes. The little this update actually does to change the FIFA 21 experience is a fix for Asian continental qualification in Career mode, a fix for the Privacy Settings loading screen loading indefinitely on PS4 and Xbox One, the insertion of the new Input Overlay option in Game Settings, and the new Starheads.

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FIFA 21 1.16 Patch Notes

FIFA Ultimate Team

Patch 1.16 addressed the following FUT issues:

  • When a previously locked Objective group was unlocked, it could have still continued to display as locked until the player exited and re-entered FUT.
  • The end-of-match Squad Battles FUT Coin Skill Rewards calculation did not always display correctly.
    • This was a visual issue only and did not impact the calculation.
  • After viewing the Captain’s Squad in a Co-Op Lobby, the background player models could remain on screen even when navigating through other menus.
  • In some cases, the Search Filters on the Stadium tab of the Transfer Market displayed placeholder text.
  • Sometimes, the Stadium menu could filter Item searches by Ball Items instead of the correct Item category.
  • In some situations, crowd flags incorrectly displayed a placeholder badge.
  • [PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Only] Addressed a typo found on a Goal Song Item.

Career Mode

Patch 1.16 addressed the following Career Mode issues:

  • Qualification for the Asian Continental Cup did not function correctly.

VOLTA Football

Patch 1.16 addressed the following VOLTA Football issues:

  • In Squad Management, the Player Chemistry UI element present on Avatars did not display the correct value.
    • This was a visual error only and did not impact Chemistry calculations.

FIFA Online

Patch 1.16 addressed the following FIFA Online issues:

  • [PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Only] When accessing the Privacy Setting screen from the main menu, the Title could load indefinitely.
  • The Soccer Aid team was incorrectly available to use in Online Seasons.
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General, Audio, and Visual

Patch 1.16 made the following changes:

  • Added the Input Overlay option to the Visual tab found in Game Settings.
    • When enabled, the Input Overlay displays on screen visuals that enables players to see which inputs they performed in game and how they’re processed when in online matches.
    • Input Overlay can be configured in three different ways:
      • Input Only: one wireless controller graphic is shown on screen and it displays inputs performed in a match.
      • Input Only + Online Response: two wireless controller graphics are shown on screen, displaying both your local inputs and the inputs processed by a FIFA Game Data Center and your network.
      • Off: The Input Overlay is disabled.
    • To learn more about the Input Overlay, visit EA Help.
  • Updated some kits, adboards, balls, boots, flags, badges, and 2D portraits.
  • Added 8 Starheads, and 3 legacy Starheads.
    • Stay tuned to the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker to learn when these Starheads will become active.
  • [PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Only] Skill Games did not display the correct instructions when being played with customized control mappings.


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