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Meaning of traits in FUT

FIFA 21 Traits Explained

FIFA 21 Traits Lewandowski
The Ballon d'Or 2020 winner. We don't care. It is what it is. (Credit: EA Games)

A lot of FIFA 21 players do not even know what traits do. FIFA 21 traits are used to provide players with specific behaviors and unique skill sets. Every trait has at least one effect that impacts a player's performance on the pitch.

Types of FIFA 21 Traits

FIFA 21 Traits can be sorted into five different categories:

  • Standard traits,
  • CPU AI traits,
  • Career Mode traits,
  • Virtual Pro traits,
  • VOLTA FOOTBALL traits.

FIFA 21 Standard traits are the most important ones, and they impact the player's performance both when controlled by human and the CPU. On the other side, CPU AI traits only impact the player's performance while he or she is controlled by the CPU AI. The remaining three categories of traits are valid only in their own modes. If you want to read more about them make sure to check it out on the EA official website. We are, of course, interested in traits that can impact players in FUT 21 mode, so let's check them out.

Player Traits in FUT 21

FIFA 21 Traits Lewandowski
FIFA 21 traits for Lewandowski. (Credit: EA Games)

You probably saw some great players that have only a few traits assigned to them. Let’s take Lewandowski for example. He only has three standard traits and one additional CPU trait. However, all the traits he has are positive and needed for the ST position. In other words, he does not need any more traits for his position.

Finesse Shot will give him a full amount of curl when taking a finesse shot. Outside Foot Shot allows him to perform outside foot shots when needed, while Solid Player trait decreased the chance of getting injured when a collision occurs.

FIFA 21 Traits Rashford
FIFA 21 traits for Rashford. (Credit: EA Games)

Rashford also has only three usable traits, but they are all needed for his position. A lot of FUT 21 players prefer him just because he has 5-star skill moves. In addition to that, he also has the Flair trait which makes him less likely to make errors while attempting flair moves. The Power Free Kick trait will enable him to start his free-kick run-up from the further back, which makes it more powerful and extremely useful in long-distance scenarios. Last but not least is a Team Player trait that does not affect his gameplay on the pitch. It is a special trait just like Leadership and One Club Player. All three traits are used to determine who will be the team captain if the chosen captain is not in the lineup.

There are still some traits that other players may have.

  • Power Header – This trait will give the player a more powerful header which makes it harder for the keeper to defend against it.
  • Long Throw In – Longer maximum throw distance.
  • Giant Throw In – Boosted version of Long Throw In, only three players have this trait (Eduardo Salvio, Michail Antonio, Weston McKennie).
  • Fancy Passes – Players with this trait are less likely to make errors while attempting flair passes.
  • Swerve – This trait will improve the players outside foot shot and add the full amount of curl in his ground passes.
  • Injury Prone – a negative trait that's pretty self-explanatory

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